Married At First Sight 15 Spoilers: Dr. Pia CONFUSION – There Is Something We Don’t Know

Dr. Pia Holec

Married At First Sight spoilers and updates tease that in a recent episode Dr. Pia Holec stopped by to visit the couples and one in particular, was an awfully strange visit because Dr. Pia actually looked like she was angry at the husband.

Married At First Sight Spoilers – Morgan Bell And Binh Trinh

Morgan and Binh were one of the couples matched in the 15th season and the two did not get a good start to their new marriage. Morgan told Binh that she didn’t have her bachelor’s degree and he misunderstood that as meaning that she wasn’t yet a nurse. The second mistake he made, is that he went to one of the other husbands from his season, Justin Hall, to ask for advice.

When Dr. Pia met with the couple, she almost seemed mad at Binh and MAFS can’t understand why. Yes, Binh misunderstood, yes he asked a new friend for advice, so he owes Morgan an apology and he has done that over ten times, if not more. Morgan has said that Binh lied and spoke behind her back. We don’t know what he said, the show doesn’t tell us, it seems like there is definitely something that we don’t know because Dr. Pia was definitely mad at Binh.

Morgan did say that Binh “attacked my character” and she was constantly “having to defend myself.” No matter what Binh did, Morgan is now being awful and MAFS fans should be told exactly what Binh did for Morgan to think that her behavior towards him is justified.

Married At First Sight Updates – Morgan Went Rambo

Morgan really attacked to Binh, she took flowers that he bought her, threw them on the ground, and proceeded to tell him off. Could her response actually fit the crime? Who knows, but if she came on this show for the right reasons, she would forgive Binh and move on and see if they can build their foundation of trust again. If she is not interested, then the least she can do is be civil until Decision Day. The last thing that anyone wants to see is a repeat of Alyssa Ellman and the way she treated Chris Collette in season 14 of MAFS.

No matter what Binh said, and we’ve yet to know what, Morgan could handle herself in a more respectable way than she is.

One Redditor summed up Morgan and couldn’t have said it any better, “before Morgan even met Binh one of her thoughts that she labeled her “actual nightmare” is that he got cold feet and was just lying about having COVID. IMHO – she was already setting up a lack of trust in what he said so it would take much less to tip that scale.”

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