My 600lb Life: Christina Phillips Responds To Online Bashers

My 600lb Life: Christina Phillips Responds To Online BashersMy 600lb Life spoilers and updates tease that Christina Phillips has changed for the better ever since she joined the show. But there are still some who continue to leave harsh words for her. But Christina had it with her bashers and clapped back.

Christina Claps Back At Online Bashers

Christina recently gave birth to her child at the beginning of September. Some people said that she looked great while others didn’t hold back when they made their grief known. But Christina isn’t holding back and she has something to say to her haters.

In an Instagram post, Christina shared that it’s the first time she’s feeling like herself after two weeks postpartum.

“A lot of people had negative things to say when I posted both pictures of me during this last pregnancy. A lot of people also don’t know or understand what lymphedema and lipedema are,” she said.

“I unfortunately have both of them. I swelled up a lot during my pregnancy but not once did any of my drs have a negative thing to say about my weight. I’m willing to bet you wouldn’t have said such things to any other pregnant person,” she continued.

Christina revealed that a lot of people have been rude to her because of her appearance on the show but she knows her worth. She doesn’t let her weight define her.

She continued to say that it’s been nine years since she had her surgery. She’s had two kids since then and she’s done a good job maintaining her weight. She recalled making the decision to change her life and she plans to stick to that promise.

She ended her post by asking her bashers to keep their unwanted opinions to themselves because she’s happy with herself and that’s all that matters.

My 600lb Life: Christina Phillips Responds To Online Bashers

Fans Root For Christina

Meanwhile, many of her followers showered her with uplifting messages. They congratulated her on her new baby. They reminded her that she’s awesome and anyone who says otherwise has their own issues.

Fans Dr. Now For A Job Well Done

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But for those who are committed to meeting their objectives and changing their lives for the better, Dr. Now will do all he can to help them lose weight, and fans praise him for that.

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