The Little Couple Alum Jen Arnold Reveals Very Sad News

The Little Couple Alum Jen Arnold Reveals Very Sad News


The Little Couple fans heard that Jen Arnold, Bill Klein, and the kids moved to Boston. Additionally, they turned away from filming for TLC. While Zoey seemed determined to film again, fans fear that the show might never bring another season. Now, more bad news arrived, and lots of people seem very sad to hear it.

The Little Couple – Sad News In Boston

When Dr, Jen announced they planned on moving to Boston, a lot of people thought that they might not enjoy the cold winters there. Bear in mind, they lived in Texas before they moved to Florida. Of course, they took everything with them, including the two dogs, Maggie and Rocky. Initially, they rented, but now they live in their own house.

Since The Little Couple family moved, it became obvious that Zoey and Will Klein loved the snow. However, they did return to Florida to visit with family. Mind you, with Hurricane Ian right now, they probably feel relieved that they are not there. But naturally, they worry about their relatives who still, live in Florida. Now on top of that, they worry about something else.

The Little Couple – Rocky The Pup Is Very Sick

On September 28, Dr. Jen took to her Instagram and shared a lovely photo of their pup, Rocky with her daughter, Zoey. In her caption, she said, “Please pray for the best Chihuahua and friend anyone could ever have.” Next, she explained that “Rocky is in the ICU and we are praying that he spends a little bit more time with us.” Well, he’s an old dog, but everyone knows how heartbreaking it is when pets pass on.

The Little Couple Alum Jen Arnold Reveals Very Sad News
Dr. Jen Arnold / Instagram

The Little Couple fans turned out in large numbers to offer prayers and commiserate. Of course, Rocky is very well known. That’s because, in 2012, Bill Klein and his wife started their Rocky and Maggie’s parlor and pet store. There, they sell all sorts of accessories for dogs. Additionally, fans often see photos of family pets.

TLC Fans React To The Sad News About Rocky

The Little Couple fans responded to Dr. Jen Arndold’s request for prayers. One of them wrote, “Get well soon Rocky! ❤️” And, plenty of people told Jen that they are praying for the family and for Rocky.

Of course, nobody wants Rocky to suffer. So, one follower commented, “He’s such a sweetie! I hope they are able to make him comfortable and have him be around a little longer.❤️.”

Rocky must be about 15 years old by now, but chihuahuas are known for their longevity. They can live for up to about 20 years, so hopefully, Rocky gets better soon.

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