Jessa Duggar Slammed Again, For Filming Daughter Making Huge Mess

Jessa Duggar Slammed Again, For Filming Daughter Making Huge Mess


Duggar Family news reveals that Jessa Duggar, no stranger to harsh criticism, is yet again getting slammed – this time for taking video of her one-year-old Fern making a disaster of the bathroom. Read on and we’ll give you the low down.

Duggar Family News: Catching the TP Culprit

Duggar Family news reveals that the 29-year-old Counting On veteran shared a video of her one-year-old daughter on her Instagram Stories Tuesday, reports the Sun. She captioned the post, “The one time you catch the tp culprit in the act.” In the clip we see Fern unraveling the toilet paper from its roll and dragging it around the bathroom.

Fern intermittently rips a piece of paper loose leaving it in her wake as she barrels through with Trace Adkins’ song, You’re Gonna Miss This playing in the background. The caption continues, “You won’t be picking up after them forever, one day they’ll outgrow all of this, and you may find yourself missing the mess.” Soon, the video hit Reddit.

Fans Weight in on Messy Jessa

The Reddit post titled: “Jessa is going to miss having toilet paper strewn around her home…I guess it’s an improvement from piles of dirty nappies/diapers,” was shared by 19 Kids and Counting fans on a Duggar-Dedicated Reddit board.

Fans soon began leaving comments castigating the reality TV star with comments like this one: “Honestly it feels very un-Duggar like to showcase kids being kids like this. For a family that’s so fond of blanket training.”

Other comments came on equally harsh with another commenting, “I wonder if some of the Duggar kids are very hands off parents, due to their strict upbringing. It might even go too far in the opposite direction for some of them.” Another Redditor joked, “Jim Bob to Jessa: ‘I’m not going to allow it, are you going to allow for that?’”

Jessa Duggar Slammed Again, For Filming Daughter Making Huge Mess

A fourth commenter really dug at the Counting On veteran, writing, “The cuteness…the curiosity…the unmade bed (mattress and box springs on the floor-no bed frame)… the random freezer in the corner. C’mon Jessa, it isn’t relatable-it’s messy!”

Not the First Time, Won’t be The Last

It is worth noting that this is not something new to Jessa Duggar. The Hollywood Gossip, for example, reported, back in June 2022, of fans labeling the reality tv star, “disgusting” and “so gross” referencing piles of dirty clothes strewn around her house and piles of dirty dishes in her kitchen.

A month earlier, OK! Magazine reported that fans were slamming Jessa for an “embarrassing spelling error” while discussing homeschooling her children with one fan jokingly calling it, “The School of the Dining Room Table.” Be sure and stay up to speed on this and other related stories. Return here often for more Duggar Family news and updates.

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