Married At First Sight 15 Spoilers: Could There Be Another Dr. Jessica Griffin And John Francetic?

DeVon Franklin

Married At First Sight spoilers and updates tease that MAFS fans finally got to see how new expert, DeVon Franklin interacts with the other couples. Once, in particular, was Alexis Mitchell and Justin Hall.

Married At First Sight Spoilers – Dr. Jessica Griffin

MAFS fans will recall that Dr. Jessica Griffin was welcomed as an expert back in season six, she replaced Rachel DeAlto. Dr. Jessica stayed until the ninth season when, for the first time in MAFS history, one of the experts fell head over heels for one of the husbands who were matched on their season.

Jonathan Francetic, the then 28-year-old Financial Associate was mated with Molly Duff in season 6. Jonathan and Molly did not make it past Decision Day. Dr. Jessica left MAFS after season 8 and admitted that she and Jonathan struck up a romance after the show. The relationship was serious enough for them to book a wedding date, but COVID delayed it back in 2020.

Married At First Sight Updates – DeVon Franklin

Recently divorced DeVon sat down with Alexis and Justin to offer them some guidance and advice in the hopes of them making it past Decision Day.

Alexis and Justin have not been having an easy time of it, aside from them yet having consummated the marriage, there was the whole disaster where Justin’s dog couldn’t get along with Alexis’ dog, and had to be sent to Justin’s friend’s home. Then, there was the clubbing issue. Alexis said that even though she is married, she should be able to go clubbing with her besties every weekend, and that didn’t sit well with Justin. There have been rumors that Alexis is not attracted to Justin, and never more so than when they were sitting in front of DeVon, did that actually looks like it was true?

When the cameras zoomed into Justin and Alexis you could tell that she was in the zone when DeVon walked in. There was actually a really awkward moment, it was so obvious and awkward, that Alexis was really attracted to DeVon. MAFS fans weigh in, “she was THIRSTY for him,” and “as long as he doesn’t have a dog that attacks her dog, this could work out 🤣,” and “think she would make it work with this guy no matter what,” and “Yeeeessss, my first thought was, omg, look how she’s looking at HIM!! So obvious!” and “she was so very obviously feeling him. This wasn’t like blushing with a celebrity. She was openly lusting. Yes he is a very attractive man, but girl, come on now 🤣,” and “her eyes said she was going to hook up with him when the cameras stopped rolling.” 

What do you think? Will Alexis make a move on DeVon?

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