My Big Fat Fabulous Life: Glenn Thore Reveals How Far He Will Go For His Wife & Daughter

MBFFL: Glenn Thore Reveals How Far He Will Go For His Wife & DaughterMy Big Fat Fabulous Life (MBFFL) Season 9 brings a lot about Whitney Way Thore’s parents, Glenn and Babs Thore. Actually, TLC fans love them so much, that sometimes they claim that’s the only reason they watch the show. Spoilers revealed in a teaser this week,  just how far Glenn will go to keep Whitney and Babs happy.

MBFFL – Plenty Of Updates For Babs And Glen Thore

TLC fans often suggest that the network covers more about the parents of Whitney Way Thore. Well, in the new season, folks see a lot more of them. However, it’s not in the best circumstances given the ill-health of Babs. On social media, fans see throwback clips of her recovering from her stroke. And, Glenn is right there for his wife.

MBFFL fans know that Babs is mending, and they see her on the show looking a lot better than on social media. Actually, her recovery seems to be going well, and some of her old spark returned. In the new teaser, she seemed to have come a long way from when they first moved her into assisted living. However, she clearly has a hard journey ahead of her. So, it’s a bittersweet season for TLC fans.

What Did MBFFL Star Glenn Do For Babs And Whitney?

In the teaser by TLC, fans saw that Whitney Way Thore was busy putting together a video with music and dance. Meanwhile, Babs and Glenn sat on the sidelines watching. Unfortunately, Buddy Bell couldn’t make it. So, they were short of one person to work out in the video. And, you guessed, it Glenn got roped into dancing, using small weights, and dressing up very strangely.

MBFFL Glen Thore Reveals How Far He Will Go For His Wife and Daughter
TLC / Instagram

MBFFL fans saw that when Whitney suggested that Glenn replace Buddy, she asked her mom, Babs what she thought. So, when she agreed that her husband should do it, he went off without hesitation. When he returned, everyone laughed because he looked very different in his costume.

Gleen said that the costume didn’t really show him off well. However, he told the camera that sometimes a father just has to do certain things. Naturally, fans adored the clip. One of them commented, “Glenn is the best!! ❤️❤️❤️👏👏👏”

Others agreed that both Glenn and Babs seem like very cute and kind parents. One fan wrote, “I love Whitney’s parents!!! They are so sweet. Hopefully, her mom is doing better.”

Meanwhile, someone pointed out, “Your dad is such a beautiful human being inside and find a man like him is extremely rare…hugs for you Daddio and Mama 💜❤️.”

What do you think about Glenn Thore dressing up in a silly outfit and dancing with his weights just to make Babs and Whitney Way Thore happy? Have your say in the comments below.

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