The Little Couple Jen Arnold Gives Very Sad News to Fans

The Little Couple Jen Arnold Gives Very Sad News to FansThe Little Couple spoilers reveal that Jen Arnold had to deliver some very sad news about a loss in her family this week. She started to ask her fans for their prayers after the news went out to her fans. She and her family need all of their support right now as they are all dealing with some very tragic news.

What Happened?

Just a few days ago, Jen took to Instagram to share some very unhappy news about her family. She told her fans that their sweet dog, Rocky, was in the ICU. She then shared a lot of pictures of Rocky with her children. Rocky is a 14-year-old Chihuahua and the family was very upset about him being in the ICU. She asked her fans to pray for the family and for Rocky. She mentioned that he was the best friend that “anyone could ever have.”

All the family wanted was for Rocky to be healthy and for the doctors to be able to save him so that they could get a little more time with him. Jen mentioned, “We know the world loves Rocky as much as we do.”

Fan Show Support

As soon as Jen shared this post about Rocky, her fans were quick to share their love for him and their family. One fan wrote to her, “My family and I love your family and we love Rocky. We hope for a speedy recovery for that little guy!” One more wrote to Jen, “We always expect for the best but we have to realize they have given us so much love and we don’t want them to suffer either.”

The Little Couple Jen Arnold Gives Very Sad News to Fans

The family does have another dog, Maggie, who is 11 years old and they really do love their pets. The couple loves their pets so much that they even opened a pet boutique that was named after their dogs. Their fans have given them quite a bit of support since Jen shared the news and we do hope that they get the good news that they want sooner than later.

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