1000-Lb Sisters: Do The Slaton Sisters Spend Too Much Of Their Money?

1000-Lb Sisters: Do The Slaton Sisters Spend Too Much Of Their Money?

On 1000-Lb Sisters, we have watched Tammy Slaton and her sister, Amy Halterman become fan favorites because of their weight loss struggles. Now that the new season is coming to TLC, fans have started to rewatch the previous seasons and they have started to make some assumptions about the spending habits of the Slaton sisters. Do they spend too much money on things they don’t need? Is this why they still seem to be struggling with finances even after being on a hit show?

Fame Doesn’t Pay the Bills

As much as their fans love and adore them, being famous may make them some money, but it doesn’t pay all of their bills. Their fan base continues to grow and they continue to show off their lives, including the birth of Amy’s children and now the wedding of Tammy and her husband, Caleb Willingham. Tammy and Amy are very fond of the fan base they have developed and are always happy to share their stories with them.

Part of having so many fans is that these fans have started to notice more about the sisters and their spending habits. These fans spend a lot of time worrying about them and from the looks of it, how much money they spend. It all started when they saw some Instagram photos and videos of them and the episodes on television. This made them worry about how much money they spend on the things they don’t need instead of the things they do need.

What DO They Spend Money On?

With all of the money that they make, what are they spending it on? Tammy’s home in Kentucky cost around $239,000 and Amy’s home was actually a lot cheaper when she bought it for $37,000! Tammy did have to shell out a lot of money on her weight loss treatment facility in Ohio, where she met her husband, Caleb. These aren’t their only expenses though.

1000-Lb Sisters: Do The Slaton Sisters Spend Too Much Of Their Money?

The sisters often will get food delivered to their homes because it is hard for them to leave sometimes. When Tammy had trouble walking, she got food delivered a lot to her! This cost her a lot of money too. Not only was this food delivered, but it wasn’t always the healthiest option for them. This led to more medical and health issues that the sisters had to take care of. With medical issues, come a lot more medical bills and this had really taken a toll on their wallets too.

These women clearly spend a lot of money on things that they don’t really need, but it is up to them on how to spend the money that they make from the network. If you want to see more of them, you can find them on Instagram and keep an eye on them in the new season of the show.

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