1000lb Sisters: Tammy Slaton Says She’s Doing Great

1000lb Sisters: Tammy Slaton Says She’s Doing Great

1000lb Sisters spoilers and updates tease Tammy has assured her fans that she’s doing great. Her followers are very happy to know that the TLC reality TV star is doing well.

Tammy has been providing updates to her followers about her health and how she’s doing in general during her stint at a rehab center. She’s been active on various social media platforms, such as Instagram and TikTok. She’s been sharing posts and videos, which give fans a sneak peek on what’s happening in her life right now.

In Tammy’s recent TikToks, she said that she’s completely find and that she’s feeling great. She doesn’t also provide exact details, which makes fans feel confused in some cases. But knowing that she’s thriving in the rehab center gives her fans hope that she’ll turn over a new leaf.

Not only that, she got many viewers excited when she mentioned that they’re “currently filming season 4.” However, no official statement has been issued by TLC so fans will just have to wait for a formal announcement from the network.

Is Amy Slaton Refusing To Return To 1000lb Sisters?

Meanwhile, some fans think that Amy Halterman, Tammy Slaton’s sister, is refusing to return to the show. Some of them believe that her weight loss is a sham that’s why she doesn’t want to return filming for the show’s fourth season.

Many viewers think that Amy has regained back most of her weight, which she initially lost. She disregarded her doctor’s advice not to get pregnant after undergoing her weight loss surgery. But she did and gave birth to her a baby boy in 2020.

Amy is still in better shape compared to when she first appeared on the show. However, fans think she’s irresponsible for failing to maintain her healthy lifestyle. Viewers are still hopeful to see her on the fourth season but they’re also preparing themselves that it may not happen.

1000lb Sisters: Tammy Slaton Says She’s Doing Great

Amy has remained silent about a possible fourth season, although Tammy already confirmed it. Not only that, she hasn’t been posting photos of herself on social media. Most of what she share are about her kids and her creative hobbies.

Amy has been in the show for three seasons and many of the viewers have loved her because of her determination to lose weight. They are happy that she has kids now but viewers also want her to keep herself healthy.

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