90 Day Fiancé: Baby Gokhan, Desperate For Mursel Hits A Milestone

90 Day Fiancé: Baby Gokhan, Desperate For Mursel Hits A Milestone90 Day Fiancé fans who love cute babies need to look no further than Anna Campsis on Instagram for news about baby Gokhan. There, TLC fans often see Mursel Mistanoglu with his son, and he really has a mini-me. Thoroughly enjoying being a dad, his son is so devoted to him, that he will try anything to be with him. This week’s clip revealed that Gokhan already hit a milestone because he’s so determined.

90 Day Fiancé – Plenty of Cuteness About Baby Gokhan

Cite little bee outfits, dancing videos, and even posts about international travel reveal that the whole family adores the new addition. Certainly, Leo, a son from another relationship seems very taken with his little brother. But the happiest man in the world might be Mursel who is clearly besotted with his little boy. Recall, their child was carried and birthed by a Ukrainian surrogate and Anna Campisi went into the war-torn country to fetch the kid.

90 Day Fiancé fans like Mursel because he got to work as quickly as he could once he and Anna tied the knot. Did you know that he makes amazing custom-built furniture? Quite often, he helps with the bees and can be seen selling their products at the market. When he’s not doing that he seems to spend a lot of time with Gokhan. Naturally, Gokhan adores his dad right back.

90 Day Fiancé Kid Hits A Milestone Trying To Reach Mursel

On the weekend, Anna Campisi took to her Instagram and shared a video of Gokhan and Mursel. In it, Gokhan cried as he tried to get to his father. Giving it context. Anna wrote, “Gokhan loves his Baba. Anytime Gokhan hears Mursel in another room he starts crying and cries until Mursel comes to hold him.”

90 Day Fiancé Baby Gokhan, Desperate For Mursel Hits A Milestone
Anna Campisi / Instagram

90 Day Fiancé fans noticed that Ghokan didn’t just sit on the floor and cry. Instead, he frantically did a commando-style crawl as he made his way across the carpet. When Mursel came into the room, he knelt down and encouraged his son. Finally, he picked up his boy for some cuddles and love. Clearly, it won’t be very long before the cute kid is crawling around in search of his dad all day long.

TLC Fans Comment on Desperate Baby

90 Day Fiancé fans who saw the clip loved the way that Gokhan put so much energy into his desperation to be with his dad. Plenty of red hearts went in like this comment: “❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️.”

At one stage Gokhan actually managed to crawl on his hand and knees a bit. So one follower wrote, “He’s crawling?! Slow down sweet boy ❤️.”

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