Alaskan Bush People S14 Spoilers: ‘Gabe Against The Machine’ Highlights

Gabe Brown

Alaskan Bush People spoilers and updates tease that Browns are all back in Washington and working on North Star mountain. The first stop is a trip to see mom Ami, to tell her about their trip, show her some photos and let her know that Rain had a really unexpected difficult time with the whole trip, and now needs to get help, and take care of herself.

Alaskan Bush People Spoilers – Mining For Gold

Bird is determined to get the mining equipment set up that Rain bought so she can surprise Rain once she recovers from the trip to Alaska. First, Bird and Gabe scout the land and find the best place to install the equipment so they can mine for the gold. Once they find their spot, Noah brings the tractor and does the heavy lifting of the equipment. Bird is so nervous, she is trying to guide Noah so he can get a full view. It really takes a lot of patience and a lot of skill on Noah’s part to get this done. They do it, Bird is so excited, she is looking at what is going to create gold, and she cannot believe it. She gives Noah a fist pump.

Alaskan Bush People Updates – Gabe’s Homestead

Gabe has a lot to clear on the land where he wants to build his homestead. First, he uses a machete, all by himself, and tries to clear as much as can, but realizes he needs help from Noah and his tractor. Noah brings the heavy tractor, that can clear the trees and help dig the whole for the foundation. Noah is very careful, guiding Noah to the area, he doesn’t want any of the trees touched along the way, he wants all the greenery on his homestead. The two work really head to clear the land so Gabe can get his wife and his kids there. A lot of work, but they do a great job and Gabe is so happy that he jumps on the tractor and hugs his brother.

Elsewhere, Bam is afraid of heights so he enlists help from Bear to climb up and fix the windmill. It takes a few tries but Bear lives by the family motto, “never give up and never surrender,” doesn’t give up and gets it done.

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