Counting On: Joy-Anna Forsyth Reveals The Sisters She Is Close To

 Counting On: Joy-Anna Forsyth Reveals The Sisters She Is Close To

Counting On fans know that with so many siblings, Joy-Anna Forsyth is very likely to have some sisters that she’s closer to. While Jill Dillard was always close to Joy, she seemed to act more like a  mom. Of course, TLC fans know that the older kids were given a lot of responsibility when it came to the younger children. This week, Joy-Anna seemed to show a preference for two of her sisters.

Counting On – Joy-Anna Forsyth Gets High-Risk Warning

At the moment, Joy-Anna and Austin expect another baby. Naturally, TLC fans keep their fingers crossed for a successful pregnancy and arrival. While she’s in good spirits, there is a bit to worry about. Apparently, scans and tests revealed that she is at risk of potentially developing clots. So, she now has to take medications to they and prevent a catastrophe. There’s a good bet that she shared the news with one of her favorite siblings.

Counting On fans might be surprised to hear that Jinger Vuolo seems to be close to Joy-Anna. Bear in mind, they follow different faiths as Christians. Actually, fans believe that Jeremy Vuolo was never Jim Bob Duggar’s first choice for Jinger. Different religions are a big deal in the Duggar family. But, it seems that Joy supports Jinger ahead of her new book coming out.

Counting On Alum Joy-Anna Forsyth Talks To Jana The Most

This week, Joy did a Q&A and Without A Crystal Ball shared about it on Instagram. Support and love for Jinger became apparent when she told a fan that she feels “excited to read [Becoming Free Indeed].” Meanwhile, another question revealed that she is close to Jana Duggar. Asking about “one sister to talk to more than others,” Joy said that she talks to both Jana and Jinger.

Counting On Alum Joy-Anna Forsyth Reveals The Sisters She Is Close To
Joy-Anna Forsyth Via Without A Crystal Ball / Instagram

Katie Joy from Without A Crystal  Ball told Counting On viewers that she was not surprised that Joy is closer to Jinger and Jana than she is with Jessa. That could be based on the fact that Jessa and Ben go to a different church as well. However, the fact that Joy-Anna talks to Jinger indicates their closeness. Katie said, “I am happy to see Joy supporting her sister & hope this will help open up her eyes to the possibility of life outside fundamentalism.”

TLC Fans React In The Comments

Counting On viewers also seem to like that Joy-Anna Forsyth gets along best with Jana and Jinger.  One of them commented, “Loved Joy’s honesty. Maybe not total, but at least she didn’t sidestep.”

Another person opined, “It’s nice the girls can maintain their relationships with each other regardless of varying beliefs. It’s normal for siblings to have very different opinions of their parents and their upbringing.”

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