Fans Slam Jinger Vuolo’s Holiday Decor

Fans Slam Jinger Vuolo's Holiday Decor

Duggar Family News reveals that fans are not exactly happy with the way Jinger Vuolo’s new Christmas decor. She has been sharing pictures of their home with all of the decorations, but her fans are really let down by what they have seen so far. Jinger and her husband, Jeremy Vuolo love the holidays and will decorate their entire home to make it all enjoyable for their two daughters. They recently moved into a new home for $830,000 and one of Jeremy’s posts grabbed the attention of Jinger’s fans.

The Coffee Mug Post

All it took was a picture of a Santa coffee mug to stir the pot. He shared this picture and captioned it, “Jinger’s blend in my Christmas mug.” He was referring to the type of coffee bled that he was drinking and he then mentioned that they had teamed up with Matchbox Coffee to make a signature roast for Jinger. In the background of the coffee mug picture, we can see one of their Christmas trees. It had white fairy lights on it and there weren’t a lot of decorations on it.

The decorations weren’t the main thing that her fans noticed though. There is a very large gap in the middle of the tree and of course, this made her followers really shocked and they were ready to share their opinions on just what they thought of her decorations. It came as a shock to read a lot of these comments.

Fans Slam Jinger Vuolo's Holiday Decor

Fans React

When fans saw the tree, they were quick to call it “sad” and “pathetic”. One fan wrote to Jinger, “I’m hoping the picture was snapped while someone was in the process of fluffing the tree. I mean the middle section looks awful even compared to the rest of the tree. The tree definitely still needs to be fluffed.” Many of her followers commented that the tree looked bald and very sad.

This is the first Christmas that the Vuolo’s will celebrate in Los Angeles and have been enjoying their time in their new home in Santa Clarita. Their new home is massive and it made many of their followers curious as to how they were able to afford it since their time on COunting On was cut short due to her brother’s arrest on possession of child pornography charges. Their home includes an outdoor pizza oven, a home gym, and all the amenities of a mansion.

With all of this space in their home, we hope that the Vuolo’s are able to get all of their decorations up and ready to celebrate the holidays.

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