I Am Shauna Rae Spoilers: See Shauna on a Date with a Firefighter

I Am Shauna Rae Spoilers: See Shauna on a Date with a Firefighter

I Am Shauna Rae spoilers reveal that Shauna has started to date and on her latest date, she gets to spend time with a firefighter, who was diagnosed with the same rare form of brain cancer as a child too. She has been trying to navigate through life as a twenty-something in the body of an eight-year-old and now she has met someone just like herself!

The Date With the Firefighter

Being 22 years old isn’t easy, especially for someone of her height. She is in her prime for wanting to have life experiences and date and find love. In the new season, we will see her going on a date with a firefighter who has the same diagnosis of pituitary dwarfism. As they are talking and getting to know one another, she tells the cameras that he is very inspiring to her.

Shauna Rae contacted a matchmaker when she wasn’t having any luck finding a match in the world of dating. Her matchmaker, Gaby has been working with Shauna Rae since January of this year. That is when Thomas was matched with her and she is pretty happy with this date. Thomas isn’t the only match that Gaby has made for Shauna Rae though.

Another Match

Not only will Shauna Rae be seen with Thomas, but Gaby has also found a man named Dan, who lives in Wales. They have been chatting via video and it looks as if Dand is ready to make a trip to the states to meet Shauna Rae face-to-face. This could be a good fit too, but fans are talking and think that Thomas is a much better match for Shauna Rae.

I Am Shauna Rae Spoilers: See Shauna on a Date with a Firefighter

When Shauna Rae meets Thomas, she did notice that he was a little bit taller than her, but she thinks he is very kind and handsome, so it doesn’t seem like that big of an issue. He showed her around his firehouse and then they had dinner together. They have so much in common and we really hope that these two will work out for them!

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