Jessa Duggar’s Latest Dress Code Has Left Duggar Fans In Shock

Jessa Duggar's Latest Dress Code Has Left Duggar Fans In Shock

Jessa Duggar turned 30 on Saturday, and to mark her 30th birthday she posted a picture of her on her Instagram story. The picture featured her in a doughnut shop holding an open carton filled with doughnuts in front of her tummy.

While she wore her signature smile she also adorned a khaki-colored jacket, black vest, black boots, and…wait for it…black ripped pants! Yup. Jessa rocked a black ripped pants on her birthday. She captioned her post, “30 really feels no different than 29 to me.”

Out of everything in the picture, the inescapable detail that has left fans in shock is the ripped pants Jessa sported, and they said a lot concerning it.

Jessa Duggar — Fans’ Reaction To Jessa’s Ripped Pants

Without hiding their surprise, fans dived into the comment section to wish the former “Counting On” star a happy birthday and also comment on her pants.

Someone observed, “I didn’t know you wear pants now.” Another explained that Jessa is now married therefore no longer bound by her family rules. “She is married! Jim Bob can’t tell her what to wear anymore!!!! It’s not in their religion! It’s what Jim Bob expected them to wear when they were at home in his house!”

Another complimented her appearance, “You look beautiful and so cute in your jeans… I love them!” And another questioned, “When did she start wearing pants?”

Jessa Duggar — Jessa Has Joined The List Of Family Rule Breakers

Just like her sisters Joy-Anna, Jill Duggar and her cousin Amy Duggar, Jessa has also broken free of adhering to every strict family rule made by her dad concerning the females in the Duggar family.

Jessa Duggar's Latest Dress Code Has Left Duggar Fans In Shock

Almost every Rule made by her dad Jim Bob Duggar, 55, Jessa has either broken them or on the verge of breaking them. Now that she’s married to her husband Ben Seewald and they share 4 children, she’s taking her time to take on everything they were banned from doing back when she was a devoted Duggar.

When it comes to the Duggar family, the females are forbidden to put on pants or clothes that would bare their arms. The females must in all their lives always put on feminine regalia such as gowns and skirts.

Where the gowns and skirts are not long enough, I.e. a little above the knee, they must put on pant hosts to cover the part of their legs that show. On no account should they be seen putting on short clothes, in fact, it’s a taboo. Nose piercings, tattoos are also prohibited from the family but guess what? The ladies are gradually breaking them all.

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