Seeking Sister Wife: The Winders Open Up About Kody Brown

Seeking Sister Wife: The Winders Open Up About Kody Brown

Many Seeking Sister Wife fans really liked Tami, Sophie, and Colton Winder. However, they were clearly very different from the rest of the cast. For a start, they were the only ones who practiced polygamy because of their faith, similar to Kody Brown’s family. This weekend, they opened up on their thoughts about the Sister Wives show.

Seeking Sister Wife Returned Without The Winders

In December last year, TLC fans feared that the show might not return. Recall, there was a big drama about accusations of assault by Dimitri Snowden. Although the charges were dropped, he and Ashley left the show. However, fans also worried that Colton and his family might not return. Recall, their season ended early as they decided not to get another wife.

The Winders didn’t return in the latest season of Seeking Sister Wife but the family keeps fans updated on YouTube and Instagram. There were some obvious parallels between Kody Brown and Colton. Both families lived in separate homes at one stage, and both of them all lived in a  single home. However, there seemed to be way fewer jealousy issues with the Winder family.

Seeking Sister Wife The Winder Family Discuss Kody Brown

This weekend, in a long Q&A, some discussion arose and it turned out that Sophie used to be in the old faith that Kody belonged to. So, it seems that she has a good idea of the dynamics of their polygamy. One fan asked, “What do you think about Kody Brown and his representation of polygamy?” 

In the long reply, they indicated that what you see on TV can be misleading. Notably, “TV can be a slanted variation of what was actually filmed.” Not blaming it all on TLC, they also realized that avoiding the hard discussions seems a fairly common problem.

Seeking Sister Wife The Winders Open Up About Kody Brown
The Winder Family / Instagram Stories

From the perspective of the Seeking Sister Wife family, they see Kody Brown and his four wives in the Sister Wives show as “[laying] the foundation for polygamy to be seen in a better light. “

Vulnerable Kody Brown?

Seeking Sister Wife fans might be interested to see that the Winders talked about Kody Brown as being “vulnerable.” Whilst TLC fans might not agree with that, the hate and criticism of Kody and Robyn certainly reaches new heights at the moment.

Perhaps the Winders were simply too happy and stress-free for TLC because they never became as toxic as the Browns. In contrast to Robyn, Meri, Janelle, and Christine, Tami and Sophie are best friends rather than two women competing for the attention of one man.

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