The Little Couple Alum Jen Arnold Invites Fans To A Boston Health Podcast

The Little Couple alum, Dr. Jen Arnold might not be on the TLC show these days, but she checks in with her followers.  These days, she and Billy and the kids, Will and Zoey do not live in Florida. Starting their new life in Boston brought many changes. Nowadays, she’s involved at Harvard and in the Boston Children’s Hospital. Part of the team, she will be bringing a podcast that might interest a lot of people.

The Little Couple Family Moved To Boston

When Jen Arnold and her family moved to Boston, fans felt a bit shocked. After all, they were always in warmer places. So, they worried that the kids, Will and Zoey might not like the place. Anyway, they relocated and rented an apartment. Nowadays, they live in their own home and have settled in. Unfortunately, though, their beloved Doggie Rocky passed away. Meanwhile, Jen is working at the Children’s Hospital in Boston. While fans beg for a return of the show, it seems unlikely to happen any time soon, if at all.

The Little Couple fans know that Jen Arnold already appeared on podcasts in the past. Actually, she usually talks about her field of specialization, simulation. All to do with neonatal medicine, involving simulation, it seems quite complex for fans of the TLC show. So, it seems like good news that she now participates in another podcast. From the sound of it, fans will hear about health issues that they can understand.

The Little Couple Mom Jen Arnold Describes The Podcast

On Sunday, November 27, Jen took to her Instagram and shared about a new podcast. In her caption, she told her followers, “I’m excited to share that I am working on a new podcast with @bostonchildrens to help parents, kids, & families learn more about how to stay healthy” But if you want to find out more, it only launches in January. In the meantime, fans can share with her those “health topics” that they feel would be interesting to listen to. Naturally, TLC fans are really interested, especially those with young kids.

The Little Couple Alum Jen Arnold Starts A New Podcast
Jen Arnold / Instagram

The Little Couple fans seem very excited about the podcast that will be called “Boston Children’s Kids’ Health.” In the comments, some of her friends s and colleagues reached out to wish her the best and sent congratulations to her. Actually, she seems to be highly respected in the medical field. Of course, her followers also love Jen because she seems to genuinely care about little kids.

TLC Fans Comment

Many fans of The Little Couple put up heart emojis, and of course, the comments flowed in. Already, they suggested topics to her. One person asked for info on “Allergies, specifically to milk.”

Another person suggested that she talks about “treating [a] cough.” That follower added, “It’s frustrating to see so little options for <4 year olds. I’m sure there’s good reason, but why?”

Soon, people will be able to hear the answers to those burning questions. What are your thoughts? Will you tune in and listen to Jen Arnold on the new podcast? Let us know in the comments below.

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