Theresa Caputo’s Hair Has TLC Fans In An Uproar

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TLC fans are all worked up over Long Island Medium Theresa Caputo’s hair. Yes, Caputo’s big hair is all the talk because of its increasing height and length. When the 55-year-old New Yorker first started her show, her hair hair was not nearly as tall as it is now and fans are finding it to be distracting.

Theresa Caputo’s Recent Instagram Post Has Fans Talking

Over the weekend, the Long Island Medium’s hair really sparked a number of comments from fans when she posted her latest look on Instagram. Caputo posed alongside her granddaughter, Michelina Rose, while donning a very vibrant lime green dress. Her bright blonde hair appears to be extensions that are long in length with a bouffant style on top.

In another photo shared to her Instagram, Theresa Caputo posed alongside her daughter, granddaughter and son-in-law. The photo shows off a side profile of the reality star, confirming the increased height of her bouffant. Caputo added the caption, “It was a beautiful night with family celebrating Mary and Tom.”

TLC Fans Rip Into The Medium For Her Big Hair

In response to the shared social media photos, fans expressed their thought on Caputo’s hair. One fan shared, “the hair takes away from your pretty face.” The fan also shared an eye rolling emoji.

Another fan wrote, ”Not crazy about the hair! You’re too pretty to cover up with that mop.” The comments didn’t stop there with more about her high hair. ”That mile-high hair though is ridiculous,” one social media user posted. The comments didn’t stop there. ”That hair is almost impossible now,” one user wrote.

Theresa Caputo Doesn’t Plan To Change A Thing

Caputo seemed to take a break from her hair and make-up in October, showing fans a Moree natural side to her. They seemed to hav loved it. “You have such a beautiful face. Would so love to see you with your natural hair.”

Now, with all of the fans in an uproar over Theresa Caputo’s hair, the celeb was asked what she thought. The TLC star shared that she was well aware of what fans thought and confessed that the comments do not bother hair. She plans to continue wearing her hair and extensions as tall and long as she likes.  Keep checking Our Teen Trends for more Long Island Medium news and updates.

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