90 Day Fiance Fans Hope That Mike Youngquist Ditches Natalie For Good

90 Day Fiance Fans Hope That Mike Youngquist Ditches Natalie For Good

90 Day Fiance Season 8 debuted Ukrainian Natalie Mordovtseva and Mike Youngquist. Their relationship became quite toxic and TLC fans definitely preferred Mike to her. Like many other couples, The Simgle Life spinoff gave Natalie the chance to continue her story. With Mike arriving back on the screen, fans really hope that he ditches his ex for life.

90 Day Fiance Star Mike Youngquist Is Being Used?

TLC fans saw that Natalie went off in pursuit of Josh in The Simgle Life and that wouldn’t matter so much if she had divorced Mike. Furthermore, it seems like a strange way to show appreciation for him helping with her mom who escaped from Ukraine.

90 Day Fiance fans didn’t grow any fonder of Natalie when she seemed very judgmental of Ceasar in the Tell-All. So, they grew worried that Mike might hook up with her again. After all, her season left fans with a bit of a cliffhanger in regards to that.

90 Day Fiance Fans Think Natalie Is Selfish

This week, @90dayfiancejunky shared a meme showing Mike with Natalie’s dog. In thr caption, they wrote, “The dog she abandoned?? Along with the rat she abandoned? Thankfully the husband she abandoned has enough of a soul to keep them and care for them.” The wording n the meme talked about how Natalie’s mom moved to the USA with the help of Mike. 

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Additionally, it mentioned how Mike also took care of her pets. And, all while she chased after another guy. Naturally, that put her in a bad light. Recall, she refused to agree to a divorce. So, TLC fans took to the comments and roasted her.

Critics Slam Natalie

90 Day Fiance fans took to the comments and praised Mike. Aditionally, they slammed Natalie. Of course, they think it would be a huge mistake if he ever takes her back.

One of them said that they noticed the dog didn’t seem comfortable with here. And, that can be a sign of a horrid personality.

Meanwhile, others believe that Natalie might suffer from a mental health condition. Then, others talked about how Mike seems like a nice guy but he is trapped. They all hope he never agrees to try living with her again.

Many people feel terribly sorry for Mike who seems to be caught in a hard place. So, the want to see him being free to move on from his relationship with Natalie.

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