Alaskan Bush People: Noah Brown Suffers Head Injury

noah brownAlaskan Bush People spoilers, news, and updates tease that Noah Brown suffered a serious injury. The incident could have prevented him from returning to Alaska to find a home where he and his family could stay.

Noah’s Memory Problems

The reality TV star admitted to his wife that he hit his head on a metal pole. He went on to reveal that he’s not new to experiencing a head injury. He said that he had suffered a lot of concussions, generally more often than other boxers.

He was diagnosed with persistent post-concussive syndrome, which could stay with him for the rest of his life. It could very well be the reason why he’s having problems with his memory. Noah, who for some is considered the brains of the family, keeps on forgetting things.

Noah’s Change In His Sense of Taste

Noah also told his wife, Rhain, that his sense of taste had significantly changed. To prove his claim, the couple decided to let Noah eat different foods to see how much of his sense of taste had been altered. For instance, they found out that Noah cannot tolerate eating spicy food, something that he definitely hates in the past.

Noah Wants To Return To Alaska

Noah has revealed his plans to return to Alaska. It took him a while to find his family the perfect home, but he managed to get the perfect place for himself and his loved ones. The property is located on an island, and he’s excited to make the place their own.

Noah and his family are still in Washington. But they may be moving out soon since he has already found the perfect place for them. Perhaps in the next season, his followers may see him leave the wolf pack.

Matt Updates Fans About His Adventurous Plan

Elsewhere, Matt Brown updated his fans about his plans for the future. He posted a clip on Instagram where he talked about the things he’s grateful for. He also gave his followers a sneak peek of the tent where he’s living in.

Matt also revealed that the mountain wind has been ruthless, which forced him to secure his tent to the fence and his truck so it won’t get blown away. He added that he plans to spend winter in his tent on the mountaintop.

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