Jim Bob Duggar Loses Too Much Weight, Fans Say He Looks Unhealthy

Jim Bob Duggar Loses Too Much Weight, Fans Say He Looks Unhealthy

Duggar Family news reveals that Jim Bob Duggar has lost a huge amount of weight in a short time and fans are saying he looks sickly. Read on and we’ll fill you in on the details.

Duggar Family News: Jim Bob Duggar’s Unhealthy Food Choices

Duggar Family news reveals that, according to The Sun US, Jim Bob has lost 35 lbs., in just 40 days, and he doesn’t look healthy. The 19 Kids and Counting patriarch attributed his sudden and worrisome weight loss to his recent participation in a “bone broth fast.”

Duggar fans may recall that the 57-year-old opened up about his weight loss struggle last month on the Duggar Family Blog. Duggar explained that over the past 15 years he’d “made some unhealthy food choices,” blaming it on travel and fast food (via OK!). “While it was convenient, it wasn’t good for me.”

Jim Bob Duggar Says He Loves Food, But Not Working to Be Fit

“Growing up I had always been super skinny. I could eat about anything and everything and not gain any weight,” the Counting On veteran revealed, adding, “It was about the time I got elected to be an Arkansas State Representative, in my early 30s, that I went from being very active to sitting around a lot in various meetings and no longer burning the [same] amount of calories I was consuming.”

Duggar proceeded to describe his feelings about food, “how it smells, how it tastes, and the full feeling after eating a big meal.” He intimated how discouraging it was to lose weight only to gain it all back rapidly. “I knew I liked food more than working to be fit.”

Jim Bob Duggar Loses Too Much Weight, Fans Say He Looks Unhealthy

The idea for the fast, Duggar explained came from his participation in one for his church, writing that he witnessed first-hand the “physical benefits from fasting.” Duggar then confessed that he doesn’t really like fasting. “I don’t like denying myself the food that I want to eat. But I have seen the good of choosing to do things that I sometimes don’t want to do in the moment for the long-term benefits.”

What Started at 3 Days Soon Became 40

Explaining the timeline, Duggar said, “The morning of October 17th, I told Michelle that I was going to fast for a day or two, only drinking some Zipfizz.” Then he explained that it was Michelle who recommended beef bone broth.

“Bone broth is made from boiling beef bones which extracts rich nutrients. I agreed, and this was the start of what I’m now calling my ‘bone broth fast.’

“I was only planning to do this for 1-3 days, but after I got started, it was so easy that I decided to do it for 5 days! Then 7 days, then 10 days, then 2 weeks, then 3 weeks, then 4 weeks, then 5 weeks. Now my end goal is 40 days.”

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