Little People, Big World Spoilers: Why Fans Think Audrey Roloff is Fake

Little People, Big World Spoilers: Why Fans Think Audrey Roloff is Fake

Little People, Big World spoilers reveal that fans of the show feel that Audrey Roloff is entirely fake when it comes to documenting her life with her husband and children. She used to be on the show, but when she and Jeremy Roloff wanted to focus on their family, they left. They were happy to start their lives away from the spotlight, but from the looks of it, she can’t stay out of the spotlight.

Her Fake Posts

Reddit and Instagram users love to critique Audrey and how she always talks about how intentional and present she is in her life. Her followers feel that she is fake because she is always trying to take pictures of those perfect moments in her life. Even when she claims to be having a bad day, she is still in full makeup and camera ready.

In one of her posts, fans noticed that she was talking about how her kids were sick and she has gotten no sleep and had a lot of work to do that week. From the looks of her picture, she still looked great and took the time to doctor the photo so she didn’t look tired at all.

Fans have started to slam her on Reddit because of how she is talking about all she does is work, but she’s always just posting on social media. Is this work? At least Jeremy can be seen driving the tractor around at times. It looks as if he is the only one working in the family!

Little People, Big World Spoilers: Why Fans Think Audrey Roloff is Fake

Fan Reactions

One Redditor slammed her post for essential oils. They wrote, “Sooo you’re telling us that the oils you peddle for health and wellness that you swear work don’t actually work..shocking.” Another added, “Almost no one goes without sleep for a week… if they do, it’s a serious medical issue. She should have tried harder to connect with the real humans who read her posts! I hate entitled, exaggerators who actually have it easy and don’t realize it. She def gives off the ‘woe is me’ and I walk ‘5 miles in the snow’ vibe.”

There were other fans who wrote about how if they don’t have their coffee or sleep, the last thing they do is a post about it on social media. From the looks of it, fans are not happy with how Audrey acts and the nonsense that she posts on her Instagram account. Of course, from what we have seen, she will continue to overshare and for some, they love it and others, they love to critique it.

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