Pre-Orders Now Available For ‘Whatever Next?’ By Lady Anne Glenconner

Pre-Orders Now Available For ‘Whatever Next?’ By Lady Anne Glenconner

Whatever Next?: Lessons from an Unexpected Life by Lady Anne Glenconner is known for her book, “Lady in Waiting: My Extraordinary Life in the Shadow of the Crown.” Additionally, folks probably recognize her name from “The Crown” on Netflix. This week, the new book by the former lady-in-waiting for Princess Margaret became available for pre-order.

Whatever Next?: Lessons from an Unexpected Life Peeks Into Palace Life

The author of “Murder on Mustique” and “A Haunting at Holkham” knows a lot about the royal family. Being the lady-in-waiting to Princess Margaret, the late sister of Queen Elizabeth couldn’t have always been an easy job. By the time Margaret passed away in 2002, her personality was very well known. Actually, tales of smoking, affairs, and even allegations of cocaine floated around. However, she didn’t act snobby, so a lot of people liked her.

Whatever Next? is another book that gives folks a peep behind royal doors. If you don’t know, Lady Anne was close to Margaret. In fact, Lady Anne Glenconner introduced the queen’s sister to Roddy Llewellyn. At the time, she was still married. What can we expect to read in the latest book? Will it be all about noxious Prince Harry and Meghan Markle? Probably not, and many folks might feel thankful for that.

Whatever Next? Starts With Lady Anne Talking About Her Family

Queen Elizabeth and Princess Margaret became friendly with Lady Anne, and later she went to work for Margaret. However, life back in the day was very different from now. It was still the job of the woman to always put her husband front and center. And, that explains why Queen Elizabeth always accommodated Prince Phillip. Actually, that aspect of the new memoir is evident. The synopsis notes: “As a wife, she became a master in the art of keeping the peace, knowing when to pick her battles, when she needed help—and when to take a lover.” 

Pre-Orders Now Available For Whatever Next By Lady Anne Glenconner

Perhaps Whatever Next? comes along at just the right time. Already serialized by The Daily Mail, the Kindle, hardcover, and audio versions will be launched on February 21, 2023. In May, King Charles will undergo his formal coronation. Did you know that Lady Anne was a Maid of Honor at the coronation of Queen Elizabeth? There are anecdotes from the coronation of the queen. So, it might be interesting to see what changes in Charles’ scaled-down version of it.

Meghan Markle Wasn’t Cut Out For Royal Life

Whatever Next? probably reveals why Meghan Markle never really fitted in with the royal family lifestyle. After all, it’s not just about waving at the crowds and fine dresses. Apparently, during day-to-day life, most royals put aside the glitz and the glamor and get on with getting the job done.

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