Seeking Sister Wife: The Winder Family Announces Another baby

Seeking Sister Wife: The Winder Family Announces Another baby

Just over a year ago, the Winder family from Seeking Sister Wife grew by one when Sophie Winder welcomed a daughter, Isabella Grace Winder. Before TLC dropped them from the show, fans met her son, Ephraim, and Tami’s daughter Sadie. This Christmas, they announced that baby number four is on the way. Additionally, they revealed the gender of the child. So, who’s having a baby? Read on to find out.

Seeking Sister Wife: The Winder Family Brings Exciting News

When Seeking Sister Wife fans heard that the Winder family wouldn’t return to TLC, a lot of followers felt very sad. After all, they seemed genuinely into faith and polygamy, unlike many of the rest of the cast. However, when they left, it seemed to be because they stopped looking for another wife. Instead, they wanted to solidify and grow the family they already had.

Seeking Sister Wife fans were thrilled when Sophie welcomed baby Isabella in November last year. Actually, she struggled with fertility issues and often talked about that on her YouTube vlog. The family lives on their ranch with stunning scenery in the St. George rural region. Often, the Winder family post photos of the kids leading a very wholesome life in southern Utah. Now another child will soon be born into the family.

Seeking Sister Wife Alum Tami Hoped For Another Child

Colton and Tami already welcomed their Daughter Sadie, and she’s very sweet with her younger siblings. However, she wanted more children. Like Sophie, she seemed to struggle with fertility issues. Well, although Sophie is Colton’s second wife, she already had more kids than Tami. So, when the news about the new pregnancy arrived, fans were thrilled to see that Tami will carry this baby.

Seeking Sister Wife The Winder Family Announces Another baby
The Winder Family / Instagram

The Seeking Sister Wife alums didn’t specifically say that Tami is expecting. However, fans figured it out because she held up a tiny little onesie. Then, in the comments, when fans started congratulating Tami, nobody in the Winder family contradicted them. Furthermore, in the photo of the family, Sophie showed no signs of a baby bump. Plenty of congrats went in from TLC fans who admire them.

Revealing The Gender

Seeking Sister Wife fans who read the caption noticed the hashtag that said, “#ItsAGirl🎀.” Additionally, from the writing on the onesie, they also found out that Colton and Tami Winder didn’t conceive all by themselves. The wording said, “Made With Love And A Little Bit Of Science.”

At the moment, TLC fans don’t know when the new addition arrives. However, if we know the Winder family, they won’t keep too many secrets once the baby is due.

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  1. […] Near the end of December, TLC fans heard great news from the Winder family. Tami, the mom of Sadie, had finally fallen pregnant with another child. Naturally, Tami, Colton, and Sophie were thrilled about it. If you don’t know, both women have struggled with fertility issues. In fact, that’s why Sophie persuaded the family to start their YouTube channel in the first place. Of course, fans also get to see other updates there. But this time, it wasn’t good news. […]

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