Sister Wives Spoilers: Did Robyn Commit Adultery By Marrying Kody?

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Sister Wives Spoilers suggest that Robyn Brown opened herself up for scrutiny when she brought up Christine Brown committing adultery. After all, Robyn grew up in the Mormon faith so her statement about Christine’s divorce from Kody makes fans question her choices. After all, the Mormon faith does not believe in polygamy at all.

Robyn Brown Denied That Christine Brown Was Divorced

Sister Wives Spoilers reveal that Christine Brown stopped believing in the Apostolic United Brethren church doctrine years ago. Christine and Kody Brown were spiritually married in the church in 1994. Since Christine and Kody were not legally married, there was no legal divorce. However, according to Robyn, Christine was supposed to ask the church for a divorce.

According to Robyn, Christine has to sleep with another man before she is divorced from Kody. Fans believe that Robyn is confused because that appears to be a Puritan belief, not a Mormon one. In Mormon beliefs, the family is sealed together so that they will be together in the celestial kingdom. Fans wonder if Robyn committed adultery by these standards.

Robyn Brown Was Married To David Jessop

Robyn was legally married to David Jessop and they had three children together. So if Robyn entered a covenant with her former husband David by being sealed to him through the church, did she commit adultery by church standards? One fan believes they were unsealed through the church as well as divorced through legal means.

According to the Mormon faith, a woman must be unsealed to her first husband before she can be sealed to another. The woman must start this process with the bishop and explain why she and her husband parted ways. In Robyn’s case, of course, they have a legal divorce. Also, Robyn is now married to Kody legally as well as spiritually.

Does Mormon Law Apply To Christine Brown?

Although the bishop starts the unsealing process, he cannot approve it. However, the bishop can direct a woman through the process telling her who to go to next. Does this apply to someone who no longer believes in the faith? Christine left that faith years ago so the rules no longer apply to her. However, if they did the process could be a long one.

The bishop could send the woman through church officials up to the church president before they get approval to go through with the unsealing. The woman’s claims have to be evaluated to see if they are justified and if the unsealing can be approved. So if Robyn didn’t go through all of these steps then she could easily have committed adultery herself. It is unclear if Robyn went through this process or not with her ex-husband.  Keep checking back for all of your Sister Wives news and spoilers.

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