Sister Wives Spoilers: Robyn Brown Fears The Worst When Diagnosed with COVID

Sister Wives Spoilers: Robyn Brown Fears The Worst When Diagnosed with COVID

Sister Wives spoilers reveal that in the latest episode of the show, Robyn Brown was diagnosed with COVID and she was worried that she would die in the hospital. Along with several of the Brown children, testing positive was pretty concerning. It seems that her case of COVID is one of the worst that anyone has seen. It started when she started having trouble breathing. Kody Brown gets pretty worried about her too and he tells the cameras, “Robyn’s not improving. She’s not improving. Finally, our doctor says, ‘Take her to the hospital.‘People go to the hospital to die.”

The Fear Kicks In

When Robyn got sick, her entire family was worried about her health. Her daughter, Aurora, told the cameras, as she was crying, “I was crying and praying because I was scared that she might die.” Robyn was very upset as she left her kids to go to the hospital. She said, “I didn’t want to say goodbye to my kids.

I didn’t want to say goodbye because I didn’t want it to be the last time I saw them.” When Robyn tested positive for COVID, Kody went to his car since he could no longer be around her in the hospital. This was not the best way to get through it though. Kody really wanted to be in there with her, but he had to get over the fact that he couldn’t.

As we watch, Robyn is in the hospital and wearing a mask, and having a very hard time breathing. She waited in a room for six or seven hours before anyone could even see her. She did update Kody and he was worried about her dying since no one could even get to her to take care of her.

Sister Wives Spoilers: Robyn Brown Fears The Worst When Diagnosed with COVID

The COVID Battle

Clearly, Robyn made it out alive, but she went through a lot while she was sick with COVID. The whole pandemic has been a big issue for the Brown family and it also caused a lot of drama. Kody made a lot of rules for the family and even told his older kids that they couldn’t come and visit their mothers or younger siblings. Everyone had to stay in their homes and Kody stayed with Robyn and never strayed. The surprising thing about it was that Kody felt that Robyn had too much in her life, so he hired her a nanny.

When the nanny was hired, the other wives were upset since Kody told them that no outsiders could come into their lives during COVID. This was one of those moments that the wives still talk about and dwell on to this day.

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