Sister Wives Star Savanah Brown Gets The Pups Mesmerized

Sister Wives Star Savanah Brown Gets The Pups MesmerizedSister Wives fans see that Savanah Brown is not a little kid anymore, and she seems to have her own style. Retro and attractive, she might look a lot like her mom, Janelle Brown, but she’s certainly her own person. Caring towards her half-sister Truely, she’s also got friends that she likes to hang out with. And right now, she’s the bestie of the pups who have all eyes on her.

Sister Wives Star Savanah Brown Looks Like A Beauty

TLC fans agree that Janelle’s youngest daughter grew up into a beautiful young woman. On the show, they saw her desire to return to school, despite Kody and Robyn not grasping how important her final year was to her. Actually, she wanted to get out of living in solitude during covid and be with her friends. So, she’s got a strong character like her mom. All of a sudden, she seemed to grow up, and last year, fans saw her learning how to drive. Possibly, she hankered for some normality as Janelle didn’t return to the RV after winter.

Sister Wives spoilers revealed that when Janelle showed the rest of the family the RV at Coyote Pass, Robyn’s kids seemed a bit snooty about it. At the time, it seemed a bit of shade came when they asked about the dogs’ bed. Well, that aside, fans know that dogs are special to Janelle’s family. Recall, when Gabe was so down about moving to Flagstaff, his mom brought in a rescue pup for him. Nowadays, Savanah seems to be the main focus of the pups.

Sister Wives – All Eyes On Savanah Brown

This week, Janelle took to her Instagram and shared a nice photo of her youngest daughter. At the time, Savanah was in the kitchen cooking up a meal. Wearing her green t-shirt and casual jeans, fans thought Savanah looked curvey and beautiful. Perhaps she shares her mom’s love for food from the local Farmer’s Markets. At her feet, the dogs gathered around, and Janelle Brown talked about their devotion.

Sister Wives Star Savanah Brown pups
Janelle Brown / Instagram

Sister Wives fans saw that Janelle said, “The dog version of great TV. They could watch someone cook for hours :). Especially when it’s a piece of meat.” Next, she asked her TLC fans, “Isn’t Savanah so beautiful?” Actually, Kody Brown’s second wife also mentioned that her daughter will soon turn 18 years old. In fact, it’s just “a week” away. With her youngest child hitting a milestone age on the road to adulthood, Janelle feels it. She added, “This momma feels old!”

Fans Comment On Savanah, Her Birthday, And The Pups

Sister Wives fans sent in early birthday greetings to Savanah Brown. Others talked about the pups. One of them wrote, “It looks like my house, dogs love the kitchen. 🐾 Savanah is beautiful and so grown up ❤️.” 

Another fan who likes the family wrote,  “watching daughters happy with their animals and contently cooking is the best feeling!! ❤️❤️”

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