1000-Lb. Sisters Spoilers: What’s This About a Funeral in Season 4 and Who’s it For?

1000-Lb. Sisters Spoilers: What's This About a Funeral in Season 4 and Who’s it For?


1000-Lb. Sisters spoilers reveal that a funeral in season 4 has fans opining about who it might be. Could it be Tammy Slaton? Read on and we’ll give you the low down.

1000-Lb. Sisters: Who Died?

1000-Lb. Sisters spoilers reveal that, according to Distractify, a preview for the January 31 episode of the popular TLC show has fans fielding ideas about who it’s for. There was a period of time when friends, fans, and family of Tammy Slaton worried that they might see a funeral for the reality TV star.

The teaser shows the family attending a funeral and fans want to know who has died. However, rest assured, as Tammy is seen on an iPad attending the funeral service remotely, we can surmise that she’s still with us.

Amy Slaton’s Dog, Little Bit, May be The One

Notably though, the 1000-Lb. Sisters veteran gets emotional in the clip, and we see Amy Slaton get on her case for not “acting right” when she’s asked to say a few words. And, while the trailer falls short of revealing any more than that, fans think they’ve got it figured out.

If there indeed was a major death in the Slaton family, fans would most likely have heard about it prior to the Season 4 premiere. So, as someone shared on Twitter, it’s more likely that the funeral in question is for Amy’s dog, Little Bit. Little Bit, who Amy shared with followers on Instagram passed away on April 2022 at the ripe old age of 22 — like 120 or so years in dog years.

Tammy Slaton Recovers in Rehab

This aligns with the filming of season 4 and jives with Amy’s pregnancy timeline. Currently on the show, Amy is four months pregnant. When her pup passed away Amy was about 6 months into her pregnancy. It is possible that the season 4 premiere is a few weeks into the future as we’re following the show’s timeline. It makes sense that Amy would be holding a funeral for her dog at this time on the show.

1000-Lb. Sisters Spoilers: What's This About a Funeral in Season 4 and Who’s it For?

As the filming of season 4 has wrapped, Tammy is still in rehab. The Sun reports that Tammy got approved for gastric surgery and successfully had the procedure. However, she had to return to the rehab facility in order to recover from the surgery.

The Slaton Family is Alive and Well

Tammy informed PEOPLE in January 2023, “I literally married my best friend” sharing that she and Caleb have supported one another. No matter where her story takes fans in Season 4 fans can relax knowing the funeral probably has nothing to do with any human member of the Slaton family.

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