1000-Lb Sisters Spoilers: Will Amanda Accept Tammy Slaton’s New Husband?

1000-Lb Sisters Spoilers: Will Amanda Accept Tammy Slaton's New Husband?

1000-Lb Sisters spoilers reveal that fans of the show are concerned if Tammy Slaton’s family members will accept her new husband, Caleb Willingham. Tammy and Caleb met while they were both in a weight loss rehab facility in Ohio. They bonded over their struggles and soon they fell in love. They married just a few months ago and Tammy has been thrilled to share this journey with Caleb, her husband.

The New Season is Coming Soon

With the fourth season of the show coming soon, fans are excited to see Tammy with Caleb and learn more about him. There could be some issues though. It looks as if her family members may not all be on board with the fact that she has gotten married to someone whom she met just a short while ago. No matter what her family thinks though, Tammy knows that she is happy to share her story with viewers and keep them updated on how married life is going so far.

Of course, Tammy’s followers and fans are very happy for her. They are excited that she has found love and hope, this time it lasts. There are some that are skeptical though. In the new clips for this season, we will see her sister, Amanda having a hard time accepting that Caleb is in Tammy’s life now.

Concerns Rise For Tammy

Tammy’s health has been an issue that her family has been very concerned with since she stopped breathing on her own. They all thought that this could have killed her, but she bounced out of it and went back to rehab to get her life back on track. Of course, they want her to be happy, but her health is their main concern. Tammy hasn’t had good luck in love and this season will reveal that. Her siblings have been very concerned about the next man in her life since the previous men have all been seen as “feeders”.

1000-Lb Sisters Spoilers: Will Amanda Accept Tammy Slaton's New Husband?

In the new season, Amy is very concerned that her sister may go back to her old ways when it comes to men and that is why she is skeptical about her sister’s news of meeting a new man. Their sister, Amanda wants to know what Caleb’s true intentions are. She isn’t sure that they can trust him. The new clip from the show exposes Amanda’s feelings as she struggles to accept him as Tammy’s love.

Although Tammy says that they will take things slow while they’re in rehab, her family isn’t sure what to think. We will have to tune in for the new season of 1000-Lb Sisters to see more.

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