‘90 Day Fiancé’ Star Juliana Custodio Reveals Her Job Before Coming to the USA

‘90 Day Fiancé’ Star Juliana Custodio Reveals Her Job Before Coming to the USA


90 Day Fiancé spoilers, news, and updates tease that Juliana looked back to her past life and shared something about her job for 11 years.

Juliana Custodio stepped foot on the TLC show when she met Michael Jessen at a yacht party in Croatia. The Brazilian beauty was flooded with criticisms thinking that she was just marrying Michael for money. However, the truth was unveiled when they called it quits after two years of being together. It was revealed that Juliana was the one who was financially supporting Michael as well as his kids and ex-wife, but they were all just treating her like an outsider.

Juliana was already giving hints about her separation from Michael until she officially announced it on their wedding anniversary last October 2021. She is now in a loving relationship with her boyfriend, Ben Obscura, and has a son named Benjamin.

Juliana Custodio Brings Son to Brazil

Recently, Juliana enjoyed her home country, and this time, she got to spend the moment with her son, Ben. Though she didn’t share any glimpses of her partner, Juliana filled the platform with the toddler’s smile alongside her Brazilian family members. She posted an image of her child trying a mango and meeting a puppy.

Before their trip to Brazil, the mother and son flew to Verona, Italy alongside the patriarch, Ben Obscura. She posted some snaps on social media and captioned the post: “Family.” The TLC fans filled the comment section with love and support, saying: “So glad to see you finally found happiness. You deserve so much better than what you had on ‘90 Day Fiancé.’” An Instagram user wrote, “Happiness looks so good on you, Juliana!” Another one chimed in, “What a cute and beautiful baby! Wow!”

‘90 Day Fiancé’ Star Juliana Custodio Reveals Her Job Before Coming to the USA

Juliana Custodio Starts Working at a Young Age

As she continued to savor every second in Brazil, Juliana got to share a little detail about her past life. “I used to work as a seamstress for over 11 years. I used to love it,” she wrote in one of her Instagram stories. Her fans were stunned as she started working at a very young age, given that she was only 23 years old when she stepped foot in the United States.

Currently, Juliana is working as a model, in which she is constantly spotted in catalogs and advertisements. Now that she is already a mom, the TLC star obviously balanced her career and motherhood. In her recent post on social media, she posted a photo of herself, and captioned it: “No such thing as a vacation, just warmer weather to work in.”

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