‘90 Day Fiancé’ Star Shaeeda Sween Expresses Thoughts About Her Money Issues with Bilal Hazziez

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90 Day Fiancé spoilers, news, and updates tease that Shaeeda voiced out her feelings regarding her financial issues with her husband, Bilal.

Shaeeda Sween stepped foot on the TLC show when she sent Bilal Hazziez an online friend request after coming across his page through mutual friends. Their love story flourished when they got engaged one week after Bilal made his way to Trinidad and Tobago to meet the love of his life. When Shaeeda flew to the United States, it seemed like the two has a rough start when Bilal hasn’t been completely honest with Shaeeda.

The Kansas City native didn’t immediately show Shaeeda all his expensive properties because of trust issues, so Bilal pulled a prank on his fiancée. He brought her to his old childhood home and said that they will live there. The yoga instructor was not amused and started to question Bilal about their relationship, especially when he finally revealed his current home.

Shaeeda Sween Shares Financial Issues to Costar Yara Zaya

In the recent Tell-All episode, a clip of Shaeeda opening up to Yara Zaya was released. The Trinidad and Tobago native was seen talking about her money issues with Bilal. She admitted that she doesn’t have any single knowledge about her husband’s earnings. Moreover, Shaeeda revealed that she doesn’t have control of her own money as they don’t have a joint bank account.

Therefore, whenever she needs something that involves financing, Shaeeda has to ask directly from Bilal. On the other hand, Yara was stunned and voiced her thoughts about the Kansas City native. The Ukrainian beauty stated that Bilal might be hiding something from his wife as he doesn’t trust her enough to handle their money. She then advised the yoga instructor to step up on their marriage, and Shaeeda agreed with the idea.

Shaeeda Sween and Bilal Hazziez Dine with Costars Emily and Kobe

In other news, Shaeeda previously shared her delight on social media as she spent time with her “90 Day” costars, Emily and Kobe, alongside Bilal. She posted their group photo smiling at the camera and captioned the post: “We had a blast over the weekend, meeting Emily and Kobe and their gorgeous babies. After all, we are neighbors in State. That’s what friends are for.”

Shaeeda’s followers filled the comment section with excitement over the two couples’ dinner date. Meanwhile, “90 Day” alum, Mohammed Abdelhamed, also commented: “You are stunning, guys!” Some TLC viewers also wrote their thoughts regarding the stars.

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