Amy King Reveals that One Toy was ‘Banned’ From the Family

Amy King Reveals that One Toy was 'Banned' From the Family

Duggar family news reveals that Amy King is sharing with her fans more about her childhood. Being the cousin of the Duggar family, she has gotten a lot of backlash for her posts. She has also gotten a lot of praise for them. She keeps it as real as she can and has been viewed as the black sheep of the family at times too. Now she is sharing with her fans that there was one toy that wasn’t allowed in the Duggar home and you will be shocked at what it is!

What Toy Did Jim Bob Duggar Ban?

Amy recently shared a post with her fans on social media and it was all about the toys that she wasn’t allowed to have in Jim Bob’s house. One of these toys were Cabbage Patch dolls. In her new TikTok video, she shared some crazy information with her followers. She used a video of a Cabbage Patch doll and captioned it, “The IBLP teach some questionable practices, including this weird idea.

Back when Cabbage Patch dolls were popular, it was a rule you couldn’t bring one of these into your home because they were filled with demons. No joke. They were considered very sinful dolls.”

She went on to finish the video adding, “Let’s try this again… this is what people in the IBLP still believe. I will speak truth about how I feel about this cult.” Of course, Amy’s fans were quick to start in on how they felt she was part of a cult and it hasn’t gotten any better today. In fact, some of her famous family are still practicing members of the IBLP church!

Amy King Reveals that One Toy was 'Banned' From the Family

Fan Reactions

As soon as Amy’s fans saw this post, many of them could relate. In fact, one of them wrote to her, “I grew up in a strict Christian househodl too. My dad threw out all our Disney movies.” Another wrote, “My uncle told me when I was little that I needed to burn mine in the fireplace.” Amy loved hearing from her fans and she added another post that really grabbed their attention as well.

Shortly after this post, Amy wrote to her fans, “I’ll always be compared to other family members. I’ll always be attacked just because of my maiden name and there’s nothing I can do to change that. These are the lows of being a part of reality TV. For those that do support and see my heart, I thank you.” Amy’s fans seem to always applaud her for her honesty and we are here for it! Be sure to keep an eye on her TikTok, where she shares frequently.

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