Below Deck: Captain Lee Claims Captain Sandy Yawn Lacks Respect

Below Deck: Captain Lee Claims Captain Sandy Yawn Lacks Respect

Below Deck Season 10 fans heard that Captain Lee Rosbach returned and they couldn’t have been happier. However, he had to leave the luxury yacht after he wasn’t well enough to continue. In the meantime, Sandy Yawn took over as captain.  This week, he called her out after she fired a crew member in his absence. In fact, he thinks that way she handled it was disrespectful.

Below Deck Season 10 Saw Captain Lee Replaced By Sandy

Captain Lee is most definitely a fan-favorite on the Bravo show. As he and Chief Stew Fraser Olender are both popular, fans were beyond pleased that Rachel Hargrove returned as the chef on the vessel. Things were looking set for good entertainment on the ocean. However, Captain Lee had to leave. And, Captain Sandy Yawn stepped in.

Below Deck fans were irritated because Sandy isn’t the most popular person in the franchise. However, there aren’t exactly tons of spare captains floating around. So, when she got the call,  Sandy Yawn left her girlfriend Leah and went out to the vessel. That came after Lee had surgery and he wasn’t steady on his feet. So, he went off to see his doctor and get fit again.

Below Deck: Sandy Yawn Fires Camille Lamb

Fraser Olender was at his wit’s end with Camille Lamb. In fact, he gave her a second chance, That came after her mega-fight with Alissa Humber, which was witnessed by unimpressed charter guests. Also, she was caught drinking and tended to overdo the alcohol. So, fed up, Olender reported her to the captain. Actually, he did the correct thing.

Below Deck Captain Lee Claims Captain Sandy Yawn Lacks Respect
Captain Lee / Twitter

Captain Lee would have probably fired Camille just like Sandy did on Below Deck Season 10. It’s not a problem that a crew member was fired. Rather, he’s pissed because of the way the relief captain informed him of her decision. So, he took to Twitter to speak about her lack of respect.

Captain Sandy Was Not Respectful?

Below Deck fans saw that on Twitter, Captin Lee agreed that Captain Sandy “didn’t need my permission, [and] she made the right call.” However, he also noted, “just a heads up would have been respectful.” In other words, the fact that she only told him after she’d fired Camille seemed disrespectful to him.

Actually, he used the word “respect” more than once.  Some fans agreed with the fact that Sandy could have called him first:

However, others seemed really angry. Many of them pointed out that perhaps she didn’t want to trouble him while he was dealing with medical problems. What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below.

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