Did Alaskan Bush People Star Billy Brown Send Bear A Message?

Alaskan Bush People fans know that Bear Brown really adored his dad, Billy. Unfortunately, Billy passed away suddenly in February 2021. So, he never got to see his son marry Raiven Adams. And, he hasn’t met the latest baby in the family. However, Bear seems to think that his dad reached out from the other side this week after the birth of his second child.

Alaskan Bush People: Bear & Raiven Brown Welcome Baby #2

On the weekend, Raiven and her husband both announced the arrival of their second child. As yet, they didn’t say his name because they wait for him to grow stronger. If you don’t know, the newcomer is in the NICU. But it’s not related to a weight issue, according to Raiven. In fact, the baby boy arrived during a “scheduled C-Section.”

Most Alaskan Bush People fans were happy to see that Bear Brown was present when the baby arrived. Recall, he missed the birth of their son River. However, some trolls seemed irritated that they welcomed their child in Texas instead of Washington. Anyway, Raiven wasn’t going to let anyone spoil her joy. So, she told them off, and later posted a new photo of the child.

Did Alaskan Bush People Star Billy Brown Send Bear A Message
Bear Brown / Instagram

Alaskan Bush People: Billy Brown Sends Bear A Message?

The same day that Raiven shared the second photo of her new son, Bear also posted on Instagram. In his photo, he showed a battered old JoeBox. On it, was the name, “Billy B,” and a big yellow cross. In his caption, the man from the mountains wrote, “On my way back from the NICU, I saw this in the hospital! “

Alaskan Bush People fans who saw the photo seem convinced that Billy Brown knows that the new baby arrived. Plus, they believe that Billy’s keeping watch over his son and his little family. Whilst some folks look for signs that the dearly departed might send a sign, it’s not always as obvious as a cabinet with a name on it. Scoffers might assume it’s just a coincidence.

Discovery Fans React

Alaskan Bush People fans believed it and in the comments, one person wrote, “I love when signs come through right at the perfect time.”

Another follower penned, “Amazing and beautiful sign that your dad is there! Look at the yellow cross next to his name!”

More comments followed like this one: “your dad was such a man of faith. He absolutely sent that sign to you to let you know your baby boy will be happy, healthy and safe. He’ll always be with you and your family! 🙌❤️”

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