Duggar Family News: Jessa Seewald Slammed for Parenting Move

Jessa Duggar Seewald Slams Trolls Online

Duggar Family News reveals that Jessa Seewald has been getting blasted for some horrible parenting moves. She is pretty active on her Instagram account and recently, her fans were shocked by one moment that was caught and shared online. It happened with her daughter, Fern. Fern ended up having a lollipop stuck to her dress for an hour and how Jessa responded was pretty gross!

The Disgusting Video Shocks Fans

As soon as fans saw Jessa’s video of her with her daughter, they were really thrown off. Fern came into the shot and that is when Jessa noticed that she had a lollipop stuck to her dress. Jessa told her, “It’s right here. Here’s your lolly! It’s stuck on the back of your dress.” Her daughter was so happy to see the lollipop, but fans weren’t at all excited that Jessa wanted to feed it to her. Fern then said, “That’s what you call saving it for later!”

Of course, Jessa thought the video was hilarious, but her fans weren’t exactly happy to see her feeding this lollipop to her small child. They were very quick to start in on how they thought that this was pretty disgusting and would never do anything like this with their children.

Fans React

One fan pointed out that they thought this was very unhygienic and they would never give their child candy that had been stuck on their clothing for an hour. Another fan added, “Yeah, my first thought was how gross this is. I’m also curious how the lollipop ended up there?” One more fan talked about how they thought it was fine as long as it wasn’t in her hair!

The comments just kept coming and no matter what, it seemed that Jessa couldn’t live this down. She had a handful of fans tell her that they thought this was adorable to watch and that they would let their kids do the same thing. The general consensus was that it was gross and that Jessa should have just thrown the lollipop in the trash. Of course, that probably would have broken Fern’s heart especially since it sounds like she had been looking for it for quite some time.

If you want to see more of Jessa with her kids, you can follow her on her Instagram account. She posts pretty regularly and tries to keep her fans updated with what is going on in her life. Also, keep an eye out for a baby bump. There are many rumors swirling around that she is pregnant again!

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