Is Anna Duggar Putting Her Children In Danger, Here’s Why

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Duggar Family News reveals that some fans think that Anna Duggar is really putting her kids at risk. According to sources close to her, she has been taking all seven of her children to the prison to visit their father, Josh Duggar. Josh is currently serving a sentence of 151 months for possession of child pornography. Even though he has been charged with such a horrible offense, Anna stands by him and takes the kids to see him frequently. The horrible news about this is that the prison has been rumored to be very dangerous and poorly run.

Duggar’s Prison Time

The prison where Duggar is being held is in Dallas, Texas. It is a few hours from Arkansas and Anna drives there pretty regularly to visit. She has started taking the kids as well. Just last month, Josh filed another appeal noting that he was “restrained” by the police during an interrogation. He then claimed that the child pornography on his computers was actually downloaded to them by a former employee, Caleb Williams. He went to trial just recently as well.

With all of the visits that Anna makes to see Josh, there have been prison visitors that see her regularly and sometimes speak with her. It must be hard to keep a low profile there when pretty much everyone knows what she looks like!

Visitors See Anna On Visits

During these visits, other visitors claimed, “We’ve seen Anna at visitation fairly regularly. I’ve spoken to Anna a couple of times. Normally the only thing I’ve seen is Anna and then their kids. I don’t really know anybody else.” This visitor also pointed out that the prison is good about proving games and blocks for the kids to play with while they’re visiting their father. These things keep them occupied during the visits. The source also stated that the dress code is very strict for those coming to see inmates. They don’t want any of the inmates to be sexually provoked by what someone is wearing.

They also brought up, “Partners are allowed to have a kiss and a hug at the beginning and the end of visitation. Up until a couple of weeks ago they actually allowed inmates and visitors to hold hands.” There are other sources that claim that this prison is very dangerous and they don’t feel as if Anna should bring her kids in. The prison is understaffed and there are a lot of gangs there. Many of the prisoners don’t even feel safe there, so this is a concern. For inmates and visitors alike.

We do hope that the visitations are safe enough for Anna and Josh’s kids. We will continue to keep an eye on what happens next with his appeal.

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