Jinger Duggar Defying Modesty Rules Again with New Look Fans Love

Jinger Duggar Defying Modesty Rules Again with New Look Fans Love


Duggar Family news reveals that Jinger Duggar has changed up her look again, once again flying in the face of the family’s modesty rules. Continue reading and we’ll give you the low down.

Duggar Family News: Video Clip Sees Jinger Snubbing Modesty Rules

Duggar Family news reveals that, according to The Sun, Jinger, 29, appeared on her husband Jeremy’s news Instagram clip and wore a new look that fans are gushing over. In the video, Jinger can be seen sitting at a table playing the Phase 10 card game with her husband Jeremy Vuolo, 35.

“Are you ready?” Vuolo asks. Looking at her husband furtively, the TLC personality responds, “Are you ready? That’s the question because I think I’m totally going to beat you tonight. I’m feeling really good about this.” She’s wearing her long flowing hair down with soft waves of light blonde highlights.

Fans React to Jinger Duggar’s Hair

The Counting On veteran has changed her hair often over the years, rebelling against the strict modesty rules imposed by her parents Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar. These rules stipulate no hair coloring and require clothes that conceal skin.

Fans soon began commenting about the reality TV star’s appearance. One fan gushed, “Loving the hair Jinger.” Another exclaimed “Her hair!” Yet another follower said to Jeremy, “She is looking amazing, moving away from her family was the 2nd best thing to happen to her, the first was meeting you.”

Duggar Family Rules are Strict

As fans of the Duggar family know, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar are very conservative. They pride themselves on following strict Christian rules for modesty among other things. The show 19 Kids and Counting stood out from other reality TV shows for this reason.

Jinger Duggar Defying Modesty Rules Again with New Look Fans Love

Naturally, the Duggar children who’ve chosen to skirt the rules have often faced scolding from fans over it. The Duggars laid down a conservative dress code, discouraged birth control, and often required chaperones when Duggar offspring went on dates prior to being married.

Some Rules are Stricter than Others

Other wildly conservative rules included no tattoos, no forward-facing hugs, and social media restrictions. Not only that but the kids were all homeschooled and grew up with limited access to entertainment and television.

And while most of the Duggar brood comply with the rules, many of the Duggar girls have broken them and ended up facing criticism from social media. Jana Duggar took flak for wearing a tank top and shorts while boating with her family one year.

As Counting On fans know, all the Duggar girls are required to wear long-sleeved shirts and some of the rules also apply to the young men as well.

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