Jinger Duggar Reveals Where She Got Her New Jean Jumpsuit

Jinger Duggar Reveals Where She Got Her New Jean Jumpsuit

Jinger Duggar wrote her new book, “Becoming Free Indeed: My Story of Disentangling Faith From Fear,” under the name of Jinger Duggar Vuolo. And that alone is a sign that she’s taken some steps toward empowering herself. This week, she revealed some photos of herself in a jean jumpsuit, and a lot of fans loved it. Well, she revealed where she got it. So, read on to find out where.

Jinger Duggar Vuolo Looked Great In A Photo Shoot

When fans saw that Jinger did an interview for People about her book, they said on Instagram, that it would be perfect if Jill Dillard could also write a book. That came when Jill commented on Jinger’s post about it. Actually, Counting On fans couldn’t help but notice that both of them look very stunning these days. Certainly, with her hair, Jinger seems to take on a similar style as her sister.

Jinger Duggar looks set to sell a lot of her books. Mind you, come critics who preordered claim that she just swapped one restrictive religion for another one. However, there’s not really any denying that she looks a lot happier than she used to. Not to mention the fact that people ask where she got her outfits from. Can you imagine that ever happening seven years ago? Everyone knew that Michelle dressed her daughters in dowdy leggings and dresses from thrift shops.

Jinger Duggar Goes Behind The Scenes

On January 21, the Counting On alum went onto Instagram and revealed that she had some behind-the-scenes footage of her “People” interview. There, she shared a few clips and a lot of fans really loved her jean jumpsuit. Form-fitting and stylish, a lot of folks commented on how nice it looked. Next, she directed folks to her YouTube channel where fans saw more about the preparations.

Jinger Duggar Reveals Where She Got Her New Jean Jumpsuit
Jinger Duggar Vuolo / Instagram

Jinger Duggar told her TLC fans who watched her vlog on YouTube, “Come with me to Malibu for my photoshoot with People magazine!” Then she added, “this has been a busy month preparing for the launch of my new book, Becoming Free Indeed.” Notably, she claimed it was  “a lot of fun.” There, people also asked where she got her jean jumpsuit. In her video, folks heard that a photographer for People took the pictures.

Where Did The Jean Jumpsuit Come From?

Jinger Duggar showed that she had some choices on what to wear. In the end, she did her photos shoot in a light blue jean jumpsuit. But the answer as to where it came from arrived on the original Instagram post. Over there, a fan asked her, “Beautiful 😍Where is that jean jumpsuit from !!?”

Nicely, Jinger told them, “it’s from a little boutique I found in Arrowhead @honey.habits.” As they are on Instagram you can go and check out more options.

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