Jinger Vuolo Does Not Speak To Josh Duggar

Jinger Duggar Defying Modesty Rules Again with New Look Fans Love

Duggar family news reveals that Jinger Vuolo is no longer in contact with her brother, Josh Duggar. Fans of the famous family didn’t seem too shocked when Josh was arrested for possession of child pornography. As the release of Jinger’s book gets closer and closer, she has started to share more about her childhood. Part of that childhood, with Josh, was being raised in a home of fear. Jinger felt as if she would be struck dead by God if she did anything that she wasn’t supposed to.

Jinger Explains Her Faith

Jinger does a lot of opening up in her new book about her religion. This faith has come off as a cult and her book will explain more about it. Of course, being raised in a very strict fundamentalist, Christian church has really traumatized the family. The religion may have nothing to do with the charges against Josh, but Jinger has gotten a lot of questions about him lately. In fact, some fans want to know if she will even mention him in her book.

It turns out that Jinger hasn’t talked to Josh in about two years. As a promotion for her book, she has started to do a lot of interviews. The book will be released on January 31 and now it looks as if she is answering many questions about her family.

The Truth About Josh

When Jinger decided to talk to People Magazine, they did ask her about Josh and if she had talked to him or even gone to visit him. She said, “I don’t have any desire to talk to him.” She went on to say, “It’s so heartbreaking to see the decisions my brother Josh has made. That’s placing the blame where it belongs. And my heart break for the victims and their families and all that they’ve been through.”

Jinger has been very open about how she supports the young girls in this case. She, in fact, was also part of an abusive home and Josh was the one who molested her. Although, she no longer speaks to Josh, she did admit that she prays for him.She has has told Anna Duggar, Josh’s wife, that she will always be there for her and their children. Jinger also hopes that one day Josh will see the error of his ways and that he will repent.

Fans are excited to read Jinger’s new book to see just what other details about her family she lets out.

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