Little People Big World: Tori & Zach Take The Whole Family To Disney

Little People Big World: Tori & Zach Take The Whole Family To Disney

Little People Big World (LPBW) fans know that Tori Roloff simply adores going to Disneyland. However, in 2021, she took Jackson along but left Lilah behind with Zach. That was because she felt that Lilah was a bit too young. So, Jackson enjoyed quality time with his mom. However, this year, the whole family went along, including little Josiah.

Little People Big World: Disney Is Tori’s Favorite Place

A glance through Tori’s Instagram reveals that she took Jackson to Disney at a young age. You might recall that he had an earache during the fight. Plus, he ended up seeing a doctor because he hurt his arm. Perhaps, that’s why she waited a bit before she took Lilah to the themed park.

The Little People Big World family expanded and now Zach and Tori Roloff have three children. Of course, Jackson’s a veteran by now, but it was a first experience for baby Joshiah. Actually, Jackson got all tuckered out and fell asleep in the stroller. So did Josiah. But, clips on Instagram Stories revealed that Lilah was there like a bear for the whole experience.

Little People Big World: Disney For The Roloff Kids

In her clips, Tori Roloff revealed that they all had a great time. First, they all went down to the pool and Lilah bonded with her mom in the water. Jackson also jumped in. Later, she showed some photos of the family after an exciting day. While the boys were tired out, Lilah just took it all in. Actually, her little legs were probably tired, but she didn’t want to miss a single bit of the experience.

Little People Big World Tori and Zach Take The Whole Family To Disney
Tori Roloff / Instagram Stories

Little People Big World fans saw that Josiah, the spitting image of his grandpa Matt, seemed to be full of smiles as well. His mom carried him around in a special baby carrier before he conked out in the stroller alongside his big brother. Meanwhile, another photo revealed Zach and Lilah loving the experience together.

Tori Roloff Enjoyed It As Much As The Kids

Little People Big World fans know that Tori is so in love with Disney that she once revealed she kept her first Mickey Mouse ears. For her, the theme park is the “Happiest place on Earth.” Naturally, she wants to pass on her own special memories, and make new ones with her little children.

Unfortunately, Tori didn’t yet post any of her clips and photos of the trip to Disney on her main profile page. So, TLC fans couldn’t comment there. Hopefully, Tori soon shares some of her Disney footage on her page so that TLC fans can chat about her three adorable kids.

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