Mama June Spoilers: June Shannon Chooses A Man Over Daughters Again

mama june road to redemption

Mama June spoilers reveal that June Shannon is getting a lot of hate over a post on Instagram. The post seemed sweet enough, but her fans jumped on her very quickly after reading it. This post was a tribute to her husband, Justin Stroud, but her fans thought it was too far. Why would they think that? Read on to find out.

June’s Tribute to Justin

June took to Instagram to speak out about how great her husband is. The post began, “I know it (is) late but I have to boost a lot about my awesome husband that is amazing and always helping me out with whatever. Well, as A LOT of y’all know I don’t wash my own hair. I hate to do (it) yes I go get washed I have for over 20 years. When we got invited to (an) event at the last time and I didn’t have time to go get my hair washed so Justin thanks was like it oh k baby we will get up in the am I will help wash your hair n I will do it for u and he done that exact thing.”

At the end of the post, she added, “If a husband will do things like this for you, he is a keeper. Every day may not be rainbows but you make the best of every day and makes memories and work through the bad good TOGETHER. It makes you stronger at the end of the day I can promise you that.”

Why Fans Were Upset

In the comments, her fans were quick to comment. One wrote, “She used to be all about her kids. Kinda sad to see how she just walked away. Those girls didn’t deserve it, but love Pumpkin for stepping up.” One more added, “Girl, you need to go be with your children. Post about being a great mommy to your daughter whose in her senior year of high school!” Additionally, a fan wrote, “Would be nice to see June single and focus on herself and her daughters.”

June is getting a lot of backlash for this post. Her fans feel that she does need to focus more on her family and not always have to have a man. We will continue to keep an eye on her to see if she claps back at these fans or if she will continue to post about Justin and how great he is to her. Be sure to follow her on Instagram for more.

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