Mama June Spoilers: Pumpkin Efrid Shares Update on Twins

Mama June Spoilers: Pumpkin Efrid Shares Update on Twins

Mama June spoilers reveal that Pumpkin Efrid has started to update her fans on her twins. She and her husband, Josh Efrid welcomed Stella and Sylus just eight months ago. The couple was very happy to share some photos of themselves with the twins this past week on social media.

The Most Adorable Kids

Pumpkin shared two different pictures of the twins on her Instagram account. In one of the pictures, Josh was holding one in each hand when they were just newborns. In the other picture, Josh was holding each of the twins, but it is clear that they have grown quite a bit since they were born. Pumpkin captioned the photos, “Woah! 8 months sure makes a difference. Still so crazy to think we have twins!” Pumpkin even gave Josh some love at the end saying, “You are the best dada!”

Now that Josh and Pumpkin have twins, they now have four kids of their own! When they were born, Josh’s family was the first people to see them. Pumpkin said, “The family is really happy. Things have been stressful adjusting to three babies under one year old and just five kids in general but it’s nothing me and Josh can’t handle. This just means life is a little more hectic but it will be so worth it in the end.”

Fans React to Pumpkin’s Photos

Pumpkin’s fans are so happy to see the twins growing up so fast. One of her fans wrote, “Twins are fun! They are a lot of work, but they are so fun and great! I am happy to be a twin mom, even 25 years later!” Another wrote to her, “Oh wow! Your twins are just the cutest ever! I cannot believe that they are already eight months old!

Mama June Spoilers: Pumpkin Efrid Shares Update on Twins

They grow up so fast! You guys just better enjoy it!” Another added, “You two are amazing parents. So loving and so caring!” One more added, “This is so wonderful! I love to see the good things in your life. You deserve them all and more. You and Josh are a testament to a good marriage, and you’ve both built such a beautiful family!”

Pumpkin also had fans ask her how many more children she would have, but she didn’t answer any of those questions. It seems that these two definitely have their hands full and their house full right now. We will continue to keep an eye on their posts to get updates on the twins. Be sure to follow them on their Instagram accounts.

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