Married At First Sight 16 Weddings: Awkward Moments – Chippendales – Biggest Fears Come True

Married At First SIght

Married at First Sight season 16 spoilers and updates tease that the season 16 weddings are here and so is the drama!

Married At First Sight Spoilers – Getting There

Clint is trying a tux and his friend Andrew is really not impressed with the first one, he rolls his eyes and tells him that looks like a Chippendale in it like he is going to tear off his bow tie and start stripping. Clint admits that he slept with 65 partners, but hasn’t found Mrs. Right yet! Wow, red flag. Meanwhile, Gina is trying on dresses and it doesn’t take her long to find the one that she loves, but her friend, Julia hates it. Her mom Denyce agrees, so she looks for another one. Gina has a fur baby named Hank and she says if her husband-to-be is not a dog lover, there is going to be a problem.

Nicole has a hard time, nobody has wanted to commit to her and she really hopes it is not her personality and that she scares her new husband away. Christopher wants to make a good impression, in the past, he has had women that say he was too nice, but he thinks he is a catch and a hopeless romantic, just hasn’t found the right woman. He is hoping his wife’s jaw drops when she sees him in the suit he chose.

Domynique is labeled as an “old soul,” but it must be hidden because she in no way seems that way. She is in her mid-20s and shows up with her besties who all look like they are out trying to find a dress for the prom. She is best friends with her mom who she talks to multiple times a day and signed up for the process. Mackinley, on the other hand, says when he was younger he liked fast cars, and fast women, still likes bars and trying new restaurants, and calls himself an “introvert,” seriously?!

Married At First Sight Updates – Let’s do it!

Shaquille laughs at the altar and there is an awkward silence, he tells Kirsten that she is beautiful and God did something right when he made her. He is all smiles. They both wrote their own vows, then say their I do’s. He goes in for a kiss and she turns her head and hugs him. Her friend in the audience shakes her head, she knows that if she doesn’t kiss him on the lips the connection is not there.

Shaquille realizes there are boundaries with that turn of the head and he respects her for that. He has a scar on his head and explains that he was in a car crash when he was seven his family was hit by a drunk driver. He is bald, younger than her, that’s two strikes, but he has pretty teeth and his personality outweighs his outside look.

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