Sad News Arrives From Seeking Sister Wife Star Sophie Winder

Sad News Arrives From Seeking Sister Wife Star Sophie Winder

Seeking Sister Wife fans really miss Colton, Tami, and Sophie Winder on the TLC show. However, they are not looking for a new wife, so they were dropped from the show. Actually, folks liked that they seemed very authentic. Since they last saw the family on television, a lot of updates came via Instagram and YouTube. But this week, it’s very sad news.

Seeking Sister Wife: Bad & Good News From Sophie Winder

Near the end of December, TLC fans heard great news from the Winder family. Tami, the mom of Sadie, had finally fallen pregnant with another child. Naturally, Tami, Colton, and Sophie were thrilled about it. If you don’t know, both women have struggled with fertility issues. In fact, that’s why Sophie persuaded the family to start their YouTube channel in the first place. Of course, fans also get to see other updates there. But this time, it wasn’t good news.

Seeking Sister Wife fans learned a lot about the faith of the Winder family. Plus, they heard about how Tami and Sophie deal with jealousy issues. On YouTube, fans also learned that Sophie fell pregnant and later welcomed her daughter, Isabella Grace. Recall, the last time that folks saw them on TLC, her first child, Ephraim celebrated his first birthday.

Seeking Sister Wife Update From Sophie Winder

In December, the Winder family gave their fans a wonderful update about Tami’s new pregnancy. But this time, it’s sad news. Actually, if you are worried about Tami, it doesn’t involve her baby. But, it does involve Sophie. On YouTube, she explained that she lost a baby just a few days after the good news about Tami. Three weeks on, she has now passed on the unfortunate news to her fans.

Sad News Arrives From Seeking Sister Wife Star Sophie Winder
The Winder Family / YouTube

After directing her fans from Instagram to YouTube, Seeking Sister Wife fans saw her say that they expected another baby. However, she miscarried. In her video, Sophie Winder talked about how very difficult a miscarriage is. And, she said that it took time to “process” the news. In the video, Sophie looked tired, and she’d made the footage in a hospital. She noted, “we believe that our children come to us when they are supposed to, not always when we plan it. We look forward to seeing when we will be blessed with our next child ♥️ .”

TLC Fans React

Seeking Sister Wife fans reacted to the sad news with a lot of sympathy. In the comments, follower Cindy White said, “So sorry for your family’s loss. Sometimes we can feel so alone when going through infertility and miscarriages, so I feel like it’s important to share our experiences. Thank you ❤.”

Meanwhile, Melissa Cope added, “So very sorry for your loss. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Hang in there and thank you for talking about a subject that affects so many.”

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