Seeking Sister Wife Spoilers: Sophie Winder Suffers Miscarriage

Seeking Sister Wife Spoilers: Sophie Winder Suffers Miscarriage

Seeking Sister Wife spoilers reveal that there have been a lot of changes in the lives of the Winder family since we last saw them on the TLC show. The family has been trying to have more children, but Sophie Winder has had some troubles when it comes to having a baby. She recently made an announcement to her fans that she has suffered a miscarriage. This news came shortly after her sister wife, Tami Winder announced that she was pregnant.

The Baby Blues

On Christmas Day, the Winders were excited to share with fans that there would be another baby in the family. Tami was expecting her second child and she felt that this was a blessing since she has struggled with infertility. They all felt that this baby would be a gift from God. Then, the family found out on New Year’s Eve that Sophie was pregnant! Again, they felt this was another blessing from God due to her infertility issues. Shortly after the news went out, Sophie suffered from a miscarriage and she was very upset.

The family shared with their fans how they were feeling after the miscarriage. They wrote, “Having a miscarriage is always hard. Processing grief in many forms, and it’s good to let those emotions flow when they surface. We believe that our children come to us when they are supposed to, not always when we plan it. We look forward to seeing when we will be blessed with our next child.” Sophie revealed to her fans that she was about six to eight weeks along when she suffered from the miscarriage.

Seeking Sister Wife Spoilers: Sophie Winder Suffers Miscarriage

The Fertility Issues

Sophie already has one son with Colton Winder, Ephraim. She very upset when she had the micarriage since the family is trying to grow larger. It turns out that Tami and Sophie’s due dates would have been around the same time and this reall hurt the family. There has been a lot of support and love for the family and Sophie is still trying to deal with her grief. The women have both been pretty open about the fertility issues that they have. However, they just let God decide if it is time for another child or not.

With all of the love, it turns out that there were a few comments from fans that weren’t exactly kind. One fan wrote to the Winder family, “All the focus should now be on Tami. It was deserved. God spoke.” The fan was alluding to the fact that Sophie had the miscarriage. Colton wasn’t happy with this fan and wrote back,”Miscarriage is deserved? That’s a despicable, trashy position to take. God spoke to me as well, and He’s telling me to tell you to be a better person. We’re all extremely grateful that Tami is pregnant. It’s a pitiful, shallow personality that believes that one pregnancy detracts from another, or that a miscarriage is deserved.”

We hope that Sophie, Tami, and Colton are all doing as well as they can be and that they are healing from this loss.

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