Sister Wives Star Tony Padron Shares Rare Photo Of His Dad

Sister Wives Star Tony Padron Shares Rare Photo Of His Dad

Sister Wives star Tony Padron seems extremely private, and folks know very little about his family. Mind you, they don’t know much about Tony either, despite him marrying Mykelti Brown on the TLC show. Perhaps his twin boys made him very happy because he shared a rare photo of his father on Instagram on Tuesday.

Sister Wives Fans Seldom See Tony Padron’s Family

Only 62 posts appear on the Instagram of Mykleti’s husband. From the few photos of his family, fans saw that he has a sister who graduated in 2019. That photo showed his dad sitting at a table with a lot of other people. Actually, lots of them looked similar to Tony. So presumably, most of the people were family members. Most of his photos show Mykelti and of course, his kids Avalon and the twins, Archer and Ace.

Sister Wives fans see plenty of updates from Mykelti and her baby daddy now that the twins arrived. Cute Avalon is now turning into a sweet big sister after an initial state of having her little nose out of joint. Clearly Tony adores his three children, and he seems to be a great dad. Sometimes, Mykelti shouts him out for it. Even so, apart from the fact that he works from home and occasionally appears on the show, he is something of a mystery man.

Sister Wives – A Rare Photo Of Tony Padron’s Dad

This week, Tony took to his Instagram and shared a photo of his dad holding both of his grandchildren. Previously, Tony had compared which of the kids had Kody Brown’s looks and which of them resembled his side of the family. Anyway, for some reason, people wondered if his dad is a “citizen” of the USA. Quite why anyone would ask seems beyond belief. Anyway, Tony said, “yes he’s a citizen, sadly i’ve had to clarify this in the past.”

Sister Wives Star Tony Padron Shares Rare Photo Of His Dad
Tony Padron/ Instagram

The Sister Wives star also said, “here is the other Grandpa! (My Dad).” Actually, his father looked very proud as he cradled his new grandkids. Of course, the babies were too small to see whether they resembled that grandfather or not. Still, fans loved the photo and one of them said, “I love this pic with the twins with your dad. I have a younger brother and sister that are twins.”

Fans Slam Foks Aksing About Citizenship

Sister Wives fans seemed upset that people questioned Myketi’s husband about his father’s citizenship. After all, they’d like to see more of the older man enjoying his little grandkids. Plus, it’s simply nobody’s business where his dad comes from. One angry person reached out to Tony, saying, “He is so cute! You shouldn’t have to clarify his (or anyone else’s status). It’s nobody’s business AND why would anyone assume anything from a picture??? Sorry people are so rude.”

Another loyal follower wrote, “I hearted the pic but not the rude comments made about your dad’s status. I’ve had similar comments in the past so I know how it feels. Those babies are adorable.❤️ Grandpa looks proud❤️.” 

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