Sister Wives Star Truely Brown Ghosts The Room As Christine Slays

Sister Wives Star Truely Brown Ghosts The Room As Christine Slays

Sister Wives fans love Christine’s daughter Truely Brown because she’s bright, and she loves nothing better than hamming it up in a skit. Born in 2010, she’s going on 12 years old, and the young teen seemed to cringe at her mom when she ghosted the room. It came when Kody’s ex-wife did a challenge in front of her camera recently.

Sister Wives Star Truely Brown Loves Her Mom

TLC fans know that Christine’s youngest daughter adores her mom. But, there’s something that happens when kids become teens. They just hate to see their parents make a spectacle of themselves. After all, it s really cringe, especially if they do it in front of their friends. These days, Truely lives in Salt Lake City, far away from her dad, and she seems to be getting used to her new life. So, probably wasn’t the divorce that made her pull a deadpanner and walk out.

Sister Wives fans know that Truely loves to act, and she likes to make things look out there. But, she doesn’t appreciate it when her mom and dad do it. And in that respect,  she’s not all that different from other kids her age. TLC fans just loved the look on her face when she caught her mom doping a challenge for social media.

Sister Wives Star Christine Slays In A Challenge

On Friday, Christine Brown took to her Instagram and shared a TikTok of herself. She danced and did all the hand actions to “I’ll dance dance dance with my hands.” Actually, she looked slim all in black and very pretty. Many fans thought she did the challenge really well. In her caption, she mentioned that one of her “daughters” had challenged her. However, it clearly wasn’t Truely who walked in while she was doing it.

Sister Wives Star Truely Brown Ghosts The Room As Christine Slays
Christine Brown / Instagram

The Sister Wives starlet looked like she’d just arrived home from being outside as she was all bundled up in her coat. Anyway, as she walked into the room, she saw what her mom was doing. Then, she stared briefly. She didn’t say anything, but her face went deadpan with a cringe, and then she just ghosted the room quietly.

Truely Ghosts The Room – Fans Comment

Sister Wives fans noticed Truely in the background of the video and one of them said, “Truely in the back like nope 😂.”

In the replies, another follower wrote, “😂 she’s not having any of that.”

One commenter said, “😂 The look Truely gives in the background is priceless!”

More comments arrived like this one: “How she walked away gets me 😂.”

If you were the same age as Truely, would you also just walk out quietly? Let us know in the comments below.

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