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Sister Wives: Tony Padron On Meri Brown – Not A Huge Part Of His Life

Sister Wives fans seldom saw Tony Padron, the husband of Mykleti Brown until Christine Brown left Kody. Now, he’s making up for it and he spoke out about Meri Brown. If you don’t know, she was allegedly abusive toward the kids. However, Tony can really only go on what Mykleti has told him as he never really made Kody’s former first wife a huge part of his life.

Sister Wives Fans Saw Tony Padron In Season 17

Very seldom did anyone ever see much of Tony on social media. Occasionally, Mykleti would post photo of him. However, since Season 17, on TLC, fans have seen that he’s now more active. In fact, he and Mykelti are on Patreon these days. Meanwhile, on his own Instagram, he’s clearly very proud of his three kids, Avalon, and the twins, Ace and Archer. Actually, people seem to like him because he seems to be a great dad and a caring husband.

Sister Wives fans currently discuss Meri Brown lot. After all, Paedon, the son of Christine Brown claimed that Meri was abusive. That came in an interview with John Yates on YouTube. Later, Gwendlyn Brown talked about Paedon’s claim and she confirmed that Meri could be “scary,” but she only saw her get physical on one occasion. Allegedly, that was with Mykelti.

Sister Wives – How Does Tony Padron Feel About Meri Brown?

This week, Mykelti opened up on Patreon and claimed that she can’t recall ever being the victim of physical abuse by Meri. However, she added that she felt some “trauma” from alleged emotional and verbal abuse. Talking about Meri and his wife, it turns out that these days, Meri’s not a huge thing in Tony’s life. He spoke about never really having any “in-depth conversations with her.” Actually, she seems unimportant to him.

Tony Padron Patreon via John Yates / Instagram

Sister Wives fans also heard him say that he can “only go by” what his wife tells him. Clearly, he doesn’t know Meri all that well. However, he noted that he doesn’t like anyone who might “hurt” Mykelti. Next, he talked about how she’s now apparently “single.” Was that a spoiler? Time will tell. Anyway, he doesn’t seem to wish her hardship in life.

Hoping That Meri Brown Has A Happy Life

If Sister Wives fans hoped that Tony Padron might slam Meri for allegedly being abusive, they might be disappointed. Actually, he said that he hopes she “finds happiness.” He added, that “everyone deserves to be happy, no matter who you are.” 

The whole tone of the message is that he doesn’t really know Meri well enough to judge her, but he clearly doesn’t want to hang with her. And, he’s not making her a “huge” part of his life.

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