Welcome to Plathville Spoilers: Olivia Plath Gets Emotional

Welcome To Plathville Fans Slam Olivia When She Discovers Ethan’s SecretWelcome to Plathville spoilers reveal that Olivia Plath has started to open up again to her fans on social media. Recently, she told her fans that she had been crying herself to sleep at night and that she was going through a tough time. Of course, her fans wanted to know why she was so upset and what was going on in her life. Why did she tell her fans that she was so upset?

Olivia No Stranger to Emotions

Olivia has been sharing a lot with her fans on social media ever since she first appeared on the show. She tries to open up as much as she can and her followers do see how emotional she can get at times. She has been real about her issues in her marriage and with her body image. She openly talks about taking mental health days and how they make her feel so much better. Being in the spotlight has done a lot to her mental health and she makes sure to tell her fans that being on TV isn’t really what she thought it would be.

As soon as her fans saw her latest Instagram Story, they were quick to find out exactly why she was crying herself to sleep. She shared a picture of herself with the book, The Book Thief covering half of her face. She looked very upset in the picture and told her fans, “Finished this last night and cried myself to sleep. 100/10 recommend. One of my favorite books I’ve ever read.”

Olivia Loves Reading and Sharing

Olivia Plath constantly shares books with her fans and generally will rate them for her fans. This has been helpful to many of her fans that also love to read. She has shared that while she is reading, she also listens to classical music and gets lost in the books. She told her fans, “Also, does anyone else listen to classical music when they read?

Something about it makes the words come alive to me.” After sharing these posts about books, Olivia has gotten a lot of great feedback. Many of her fans also have given her their book recommendations.

Her diehard followers really enjoy seeing her share her favorite books. They hope that she will continue to do so as we all wait to see if there will be another season of Welcome to Plathville. We will just have to follow her on Instagram and wait and see.

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