Welcome To Plathville Star Lydia Plath Shares A Stunning Photo

Welcome To Plathville Star Lydia Plath Shares A Stunning Photo


Welcome To Plathville fans might have expected Lydia Plath to walk around in long floral dresses and leggings because she seemed to be the most religious kid in the family.  However, she does more than sit in a prayer closet and these days, she looks really stunning. At least, her many followers seem to think so.

Welcome To Plathville: Lydia Plath Is Active On Instagram

TLC fans were surprised to find Lydia on Instagram. Still young, and sort of slap in the middle of the nine surviving kids, she didn’t seem a social media type of person. However, on Instagram, she racked up just under 150K followers. There. she sometimes shares the links to the songs that she sings on YouTube. Plus, she shares religious and inspirational posts.

Welcome To Plathville fans saw a post in December, where she tried to promote an Etsy Store. But, some fans slammed her for a pathetic effort. Meanwhile, others mocked her for thinking she can be an influencer. It was all because she wore a tee shirt with a slogan that some critics didn’t like. However, her followers grow. And plenty of them like her very much. In fact, she has popularity and lots of people love her gentle ways.

Welcome To Plathville Fans Love A Photo Of Lydia Plath

On January 16, when Lydia posted up a photo of herself, nobody complained about what she wore. Actually, she looked very stylish in her white jacket. Her hair was loose and long, and the blue scenery didn’t hurt either. Additionally, who could resist her beautiful big smile? Although her caption was religious, critics mostly kept quiet.

Welcome To Plathville Star Lydia Plath Shares A Stunning Photo
Lydia Plath / Instagram

The Welcome To Plathville star captioned her photo with some words from the bible. She said, “she is clothed in strength and honor, and rejoices in times to come🤍 -Proverbs 31:25.” Then she put up another proverb saying, “The Lord is my shepherd; I do not lack anything!!!🤍♥️.” Christian followers liked the message and one of them spoke about how it meant a lot to them. The commenter said, “Thank you for the Proverbs verse; was having a hard day. So thankful God is carrying me through this season of life. ❤️ the picture.”

TLC Fan Think That She Looks Stunning

Welcome To Plathville fans seemed blown away by beautiful Lydia. One follower wrote, “Such a beautiful picture 🥰🤩.”

Another commenter said, “You are stunning and those verses are yassss 🙌🏾♥️.”

Here’s another very impressed fan: “SLAAAAYYYYY 💅💅💅.”

More than one person talked about how “stunning” she looked.

What do you think of the photo that Lydia Path posted? Do you agree that she looks stunning? Shout out in the comments below.

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